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Sunday 19th August 2018.

  ACM  Duration is from: ... 1pm - 8pm ...

 Clapham North

Fenwick Community Hall

128 Willington Road, SW9 9ND

Auntie Jean's Afrikan Culture Market Has the Pleasure of Presenting the Showcase Platform with Invited Guest Speakers








HRH Nana Chief Amlak

Chief Amlak is: OHENE (HRH) OLOYE (high Chief)
AWISE OGUN of   ILE-IFE. is My Title in NIGERIA (commanding
sound of Ogun)

My Title in GHANA is: 
(King of Fire Clan) Nana Amlak. 

I am inviting my people on a fact finding mission to the Source, the city of the ORISA. (Gods)
Join me to witness the Biggest Festival in Ife the OLOJO (owner of the day) FESTIVAL in October 2018. Come and see the Knowledge and Power of Our Tradition.  

Those whom want and are interested into their Orisa Tradition.

From: OHENE (King) HRH Nana Chief Amlak is also a traditional teacher who takes people home to their Roots. He does Naming Ceremonies, Marriages, Burial Blessings, Readings, A Traditional Councillor and also open the Third Eye.

You can contact Chief, by calling:    07894 505 740


Stella B. & Nat Nye

       StellaB & Nat Nye                                                                                                        Auntie Jean's Afrikan Culture Market's

                                                                           ShowCase Platform's

                                                                                        Host's:   Stella B. & Nat Nye

Stella B & Nat Nye are known as a Power Couple,  Revolutionaries, Spoken Word Artists, Workshop Facilitators, Hosts and Radio Presenters for: 

Galaxyafiwe 102.5 FM.  

Nat Nye
Nat Nye is known on the Spoken Word scene as a master of the art form and has performed at countless events in and around London including prestigious venues such as:

the Roundhouse, Richmix, Tate Britain, SOAS University, UCL, Black Cultural Archives as well as festivals such as Camp Bestival & Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has also been a resident artist at Sadlers Wells.

Stella B.
Stella B. is multi-talented, diverse and rich individual with a strong background in performance through the mediums of dance, singing and acting. She studied creative writing with drama and dance at Bath University and gained a BA Honours 2.1 Degree.

She has recently had a residency and performed at Sadlers Wells.

contact number for Stella & Nat:    07984 015 132

email address:


Ras Prince




Teacher for the Drumming Lessons By Ras Prince, Free for Children  2:30pm  -  3:30pm.  

Ras Prince Has been Drumming for over 30 years. He is a self taught Drummer who's well taught in Latin Drumming style, Afro Caribbean Traditional Drum and a Traditional Afrikan Drummer who has also been taught by Master Drummers from Afrika & the Caribbean

Ras Prince was one of the Original Founder members of the Irie Dance company, Drummed as well as Danced for the Irie for 10 years. Has performed around different countries during the 16 years of being a Professional Dancer & Drummer.   

Also Drummed for Dagarti Arts Group, and Drummed & Danced with Adzigdo Pan Afrikan Ensemble. 

Worked with other Dance companies, ... Kuckumia, ... Khyts, ... H. Pattern ...                 

... Carrol Straker, ...  Carol Maraldo, ... to name but a few.

Taught Drumming & Afrikan Dance in Primary Schools, Collages & Community centres around the country. 

Ras Prince has a Drumming group called Akin Dread, they perform at Parties, Weddings, Funerals, etc.

Teaches Drumming Lessons to Our CommUnity every  Wednesday.


Ras Prince also Sells Exotic Tropical Fruit and Veg. at each ACM &  delivers to your door.

If you are interested and would like to enquire about any of the above 
Contact Ras Prince:   07803 842 807 or  07438 833 490


492 Korna Klub -

Is back Sunday 8th July 2018

The 1st interactive community radio drama series!

The series broadcasts live every Friday at 5 PM on Galaxy FM 102.5

Tony Cealy

Tony is an experienced arts practitioner specialising in the development and delivery of a range of innovative arts-based programmes and projects to educate and empower people and groups throughout Europe and increasingly internationally.He is the founder and director of Noh Budget Films where he has managed numerous creative projects from conception to completion. He uses drama and theatre to encourage self-awareness and to assist individuals in exploring the idea of change and the impact that it may have on their lives. 

The series explores social problems that trouble every community, every family and every individual and aims to motivate listeners to put themselves into the characters’ shoes and suggest solutions to the ongoing drama. With the encouragement of active participation of the listener we aim to reinforce social cohesion and support community development in the difficult times we live in. The original idea was conceived by Tony Cealy and jointly developed with Clare Douglas. The pilot series was written by Judy Ferguson and commissioned and produced by Noh Budget Films.

You can call Tony Cealy (Creator/Director) on 07956 877358                                               Email:    website:



This presentation will follow the journey of the making of the Educational series 'Ancestral Voices' and share some of the research findings, in particular the importance of Ancestral Veneration and Communication.

The speaker, Dalian Adofo, will cover the implications Ancestral communication has for the cultivation of self and abilities and correlate it with the current findings in Western Science that is only coming to this realisation millennia after the African.

Dalian is also co-director for the educational documentary series ‘Ancestral Voices’ that

aims to provide authentic and accurate information on the subject of African Spirituality;

a topic widely misunderstood and rejected due to centuries old stigmatisation and

persecution from other mainstream religions


Tel:: 07944 580 111




Dee Natural


Dee Naturals sell their branded T-shirts which promote self-love and positivity. They are available for purchase from our website and also from Reunion Clothing store at 10 St. Anns Road, Harrow High Street.

For further details you can check out Dee Naturals website.

We are also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,and Pinterest as Dee naturals. Alternatively

you can email us on:

or call us on:    07707 169 991



Invited Special Guests Speaker Ngozi, at the ACM Sunday 11th March 2018


CEO of the Sistah Space


Ngozi will be speaking about Domestic and Sexual Violence, the Black community and what support you should get when disclosing abuse. Explaining the concept of Survivor Dolls, and explaining the        "5 F's" (A victim/survivors most common responses to abuse). 

An Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA)

Ngozi Headley-Fulani is the Founder of a Sistah Space, and senior Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) and Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA). Sistah Space was founded as an organiseation that supports and advocates for African Heritage women and girls affected by domestic violence or abuse.

    which is a Domestic/Sexual/Abuse Sanctuary for abused women. Ngozi has acquired a Space pacifically for this purpose.

Ngozi will be Speaking about supporting abused women

After the vicious murder of Valerie Forde and her toddler daughter by her ex-partner in 2014, Sistah Space has responded to the need to establish a specialist organisation for women and girls of African heritage affected by DV and other forms of abuse.


Twitter: SistahSpace@sistah_space



Invited Special Guests Speakers for ACM Sunday 18th February 2018

Councillor David Micheal 



David MICHAEL is Deputy Chairman of the British Caribbean Association and a Member of the Dominica Overseas Nationals Association.

He was born in Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean where he spent his formative years and received his primary school education. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1965 and settled in Luton, Bedfordshire where he went to secondary school. David was passionate about cricket for as long as he can remember and captained his school teams, represented Bedfordshire Schools Association & Bedfordshire County Colts.

David joined the Metropolitan Police Service in December 1972 following 15 months as a Police Cadet. After completing his training at the Metropolitan Police Training School (now Peel Centre) he became a pioneering Police Constable in the London Borough of Lewisham in early 1973. He served for 30 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer and retired as a Detective Chief Inspector at New Scotland Yard.

Since retiring as a Police Officer he has thrown his energies into community, voluntary and charitable work and has a strong record as a community advocate. David is a law graduate. He also has an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Westminster, an Honorary Master of Laws degree from the University of Greenwich and an Honorary Master of Arts degree from The London Metropolitan University. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work in the promotion of racial harmony, good citizenship, diversity, equalities and community cohesion. In 2013 he received the Positive Role Model award for Race, Religion & Faith at the National Diversity Awards in Leeds.

David is a public speaker, press / media pundit, Consultant and Legal Representative. He provides legal advice and assistance to people under arrest and held in detention at Police Stations. On 22nd May 2014 he was elected to Lewisham Council as a Labour Councillor representing Evelyn Ward in Deptford.

 My contact details: Website:  Email:  Twitter: @DavidMical












Invited Special Guests Speaker OJ at ACM Sunday 18th February 2018

Ojarikre Udu - aka - OJ

I will discussing the development of the obesity crisis and it relevance to us and the simple practical steps that we can implement to take back control of our health.

Time is a precious commodity but if the right amount is invested in an individual, allied with appropriate support, a clear treatment strategy and a strong will, it is possible to beat a clear path from illness to wellness.
Ojarikre graduated from the renowned Centre for Nutritional Education & Lifestyle Management and runs the Cristazone Health & Nutrition clinic in London Bridge.

The clues to ill health often lay in the life history of the individual and it the time that we invest to understand the life/medical journey of our clients that has enabled us to consistently achieve successful outcomes. Our strategy is underpinned by the need to identify the core issues that are at the heart of a condition, as once those core issues are identified the job of providing the right solution becomes much easier.
Contact details
Website:     Email:
Mobile: 07826776032       Freephone: 0800 002 9137


Invited Special Guests Speakers for ACM Sunday 18th February 2018

TC Carrier                                                                                                                                       Instagram: Frequeofnature                                                                                                                           Eventbrite: Freque Of NaTuRe Tour                                                                                                                     Info: 07863599130



Invited Special Guests Speakers for ACM Sunday 21st January 2018

Dr Runoko Rashidi


Runoko Rashidi is an anthropologist and historian with a major focus on what he calls the Global African Presence–that is, Africans outside of Africa before and after enslavement. 

He is the author or editor of eighteen books, the most recent of which are My Global Journeys in Search of the African Presence and Assata-Garvey and Me: A Global African Journey for Children in 2017.  His other works include Black Star: The African Presence in Early Europe, published by Books of Africa in London in November 2011 and African Star over Asia: The Black Presence in the East, published by Books of Africa in London in November 2012 and revised and reprinted in April 2013 and Uncovering the African Past: The Ivan Van Sertima Papers, published by Books of Africa in 2015.  His other works include the African Presence in Early Asia, co-edited by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.  Four of Runoko’s works have been published in French. 

As a traveler and researcher Dr. Rashidi has visited 120 countries.  As a lecturer and presenter, he has spoken in sixty-five countries.

Runoko has worked with and under some of the most distinguished scholars of our generation, including Ivan Van Sertima, John Henrik Clarke, Asa G. Hilliard, Edward Scobie, John G. Jackson, Jan Carew and Yosef ben-Jochannan.

In 2005 Rashidi was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree by the Amen-Ra Theological Seminary in Los Angeles.

In October 1987 Rashidi inaugurated the First All-India Dalit Writer’s Conference in Hyderabad, India.





492 Korner Klub

The 1st interactive community radio drama series!

You'll find 492 Korner Klub  Friday's 5 - 6 pm on: ... Galaxyafiwe 102.5

We have been on air since March 2014 and are going from strength to strength; to raise ongoing support and awareness of the project, we are planning a celebratory fundraising event. All funds gathered will be invested in the project aiming to further improve the quality of the episodes aired, encourage community engagement and make a real difference in everyday life.



This radio series is based on the Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. Within this project we have created Radio of the Oppressed. Through these techniques the listeners are encouraged to actively participate in a dialogue initiated by the issues raised on the play and determine the course of the series by sharing their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences. To learn more click here and read about Forum Theatre on Air project. An experimental community project that took place in Laos by Mary Traynor.

The goal of this project is to improve peoples lives by dramatising the problems they face. Were doing this by mobilising people to come together to inspire each other for change in attitudes and behaviour. We want to:
  • Encourage dialogue with each other
  • Explore choices and options 
  • Practice strategies and tactics for real life
  • Enhance listeners skills of communication and decision making
  • Understand how self-esteem affects moments of decision
  • Take risks in fictional worlds with the potential to learn rather than fail
  • Make the community responsible for the problems they experience in order to find real solution
  • The aim is to explore question and challenge the work of community participatory radio, in relation to current theory and practice from other fields, in order to move forward and keep it relevant, alive and connected to political and social change.

How can you support us:

We are seeking sponsorship support from companies, in the form of a monetary donation, gift bags and/or prizes for the event. If you are an individual and would like to make a contribution or volunteer, please contact us and we will happy to have you on board!


Sunday 17th December 2017 ACM’s 3rd Anniversary

Joy Mack



JOY MACK, 30 years of experience, hailed as the UK reggae Queen and First Lady in the 70’s. Joy’s single ‘You Had Your Chance’ soared to number one of the UK Reggae charts in 1978 for eight weeks and won her a BBC Radio Silver Disc. Other awards Joy has received are, British Black Music Award for outstanding contribution to Black Music, British Black Music History Achievement Award and Caribbean Entertainment Achievement Award.





Davis J Williams

Manhood Academy for Boys.

"Boys are Born. Men are Made".                                                                 Davis with both his books

Unfortunately modern urban teens are instinctively enacting their own initiations into adulthood, due to the art of rites of passage being forgotten in western culture.

Teens are self initiating, void of the guidance of the elders, via gang initiation,experimental sexuality and hardening prison time. 

The Manhood Academy for Boys reinstates ancient tradition. A year long programme teaching boys how to navigate and survive the modern world, guided by a team of skilled men.

Nurturing the masculine art of transition from boyhood to adulthood to manhood.

Tel: 07939 396 465


Fb: themanhoodacademy





ShakaRa                                        ARMY

ShakaRa 2

Tafadzwa ShakaRa Mbandaka

is a member of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement Youth (A.R.M.Y.). His work seeks to combine his east London up bringing with the benefits of having been raised in a Black Power organisation. As a result, ShakaRa is a cultural scientist, de-constructing the systems, ideas and conditions that are used to dis-empower Black people - youth in particular; as well as how we can reconstruct our own ideas and create our own system to improve our condition towards our self-empowerment. ShakaRa's analysis is always hard-hitting uncompromising and far reaching, breaking down complex realities with a simplicity and appeal that crosses generations

ShakaRA's   Presentation on:

Strictly For the Niggas: A hard hitting exploration of how the Nigga mentality has been created in generations of Black people, the purpose it is designed to serve and how Afrikan people have always fought and can continue to fight against Niggerisation.



Banner (1)

There is a continuos battle to be yourself, in a world that forces everyone to be someone other than their authentic self.



























Aundrieux Khonsu Sankofa

Aundrieux Khonsu Sankofa


Inside the Book: Sacred Man
Illustrated in Full Colour with over 300 Images.

• Male Holistic Health
• Sacred Sex
• Spiritual Growth
• Masculine Vitality,
• Herbs and Fitness
• Defining Purpose
• Self-Development
• Rites of Passage for Teens51doauvhsll-_sx326_bo1204203200_

A Bookshelf essential for:

• Young men
• Fathers
• Mothers of Son‘s
• Men...
   and the Women who Love Them






2nd Year  ... ANNIVERSARY!!! 

Sunday 18th December 2016


Afrika Culture Market Flyer (front) New 2016





492 Korner Klub


492 korna Klub radio

For further information please get in touch:

Tel. 07956 877358 Tony Cealy Creator/ Director












Nubian Life Resource Centre LTD








Black Woman's Health

Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm calls herself a gender abuse warrior with a mission to destroy all violence against women and girls. She is a senior front line worker in a women’s refuge but her roots is in the arts, writing and publishing. She is the former editor-in-chief of Candace Magazine, aimed at women of colour, 1992-1997.






Medical Herbalist/Master NLP


Other areas of expertise:

  • Marion is trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) up to Master Level: NLP  uses techniques to  educate people in self-awareness and effective communication.  It assists people to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour for the better.


  • Marion is currently extending her knowledge of healing and herbs by training with the Dogon people of West Africa in their spiritual and herbal healing systems.


Community activities

  • Plans, designs and delivers Holistic Healing and Herbal Medicine Workshops
  • Regular panel member at Health seminars
  • Writes articles on health and culture for publication.
  • Hosts a radio show for past 5 years on Health on Conscious radio. Also speaks on many other community radio stations
  • My Clinical Practice

    I currently practice out of the Quality Life Medical Centre in North London


    One to One Holistic Wellness Service

    • I carry out clinical examinations which include BP readings, PH readings and physical examinations
    • I focus on diet, lifestyle, history, herbs and identify and enable clients to reprogramme negative thought patterns therefore assisting in emotional and psychological well being. In my healing work I use both technical and intuitive approaches
    • I also supply a range of herbal products



    Advising members of the community event at a Kwanzaa event.



Ankh Wellbeing Centre. Ankh Wellbeing Centre.

10 Adelaide Grove, London, W12 0JJ. Telephone 020 8743 1985.


Afrikan Natural Konnection To Health - Mind, Body & Spirit.

Holistic Natural Products Food Books Workshops Events

Contact details: 02087431985

Ankh Wellbeing Centre on Facebook.



Laah Yero...  (Laah meaning Fire, Yero meaning Warrior)


"Laah Yero is a collective made up of female vocalists and instrumentalists. They came together through their appreciation of old skool R'n'B and Afrobeats.

Their Music is heavily influenced by their African heritage, keen interest in Bossa nova Music and love for soulful vocals. They draw inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill and Fela Kuti."







images (1)Louise-Bennett (1)












Dalian Adofo is an Educationist, Visual Communicator, Social and Cultural

Commentator/Writer on a range of issues, primarily social justice and marginalisation.

He holds a BA (Hons) from University Of Westminster and a Post Graduate Certificate

of Education (PGCE) and an MA in ICT in Education from the Institute of Education,


He has over 15 years teaching at Secondary School and Further Education Level, as

well as devising and delivering creative learning workshops and programmes for

disadvantaged young people. His published research in Academia has investigated

computer mediated learning in a range of contexts and has been published by the

Naace journal, ‘Advancing Education’.

 His Photo-book, ‘Reflections on Ghana’, explores developmental and cultural issues in

Ghana using juxtapositions of imagery and poetry. His creative background covers a

range; from graphic design to web-design, photography and film and video.









 Dionne Wright, Dee Naturals

Dee Naturals aims to inspire and empower women and girls to embrace their natural hair and health.

We aim to give individuals the tools to self-help and become confident in their approach to positive health and hair care.

Dee Naturals is a platform designed to engage, educate and empower women throughout their natural lifestyle.

We provide one to one hair consultations and workshops designed to support individuals to make positive life choices.

We offer one to one home visit consultations, group workshops for the general public, schools, colleges, universities, public private,voluntary sectors and charitable organisations.








Sunday 11th March 2018

Raising Awareness about Domestic Abuse in the African and Caribbean Heritage Community



Sistah Space will be relaunching VALERIE'S LAW this March to mark the passing of Valerie Forde and baby J on 31st March 2014.

Valerie and baby J were killed in a vicious attack by J's father. A threat to kill was reported to the police who marked it as a threat to property. Years later we are still finding that organisations meant to assist all victims of DV have little or no understanding of the issues within the African heritage and other other minority communities.

10,000 Signatures to get parliament to review our request to make it mandatory for police and DV organisations to receive training about issues affecting DV survivors from the 'black and ethnic minorities'.

There will be an updated appeal, but please make sure that when we launch, we have your full support.









 Cllr David Micheal


Michael, a former long serving police officer, spent 30 years in the Metropolitan Police service, and as with all officers he was politically restricted from joining any political party at the time. Today he is an active Labour Party member in Lewisham.

Since his retirement from the police force in 2002, Michael, 53, has become very politically active. Joining the Labour Party in 2004 he is now an ethnic minority officer both on the executive committee and the general committee in Lewisham, on top of that he is the chair of his branch in Catford South.

Michael also spends much of his time doing community, voluntary and charitable work. He is chair of the Lewisham Community Police Consultative Group, and is an appointed adviser for the Mayor

of Lewisham and Lewisham Council on Community Cohesion and Community Relations.

David Micheal has received numerous accolades for the work he has done. He is a scholarship patron at the University of Westminster where he also received an honorary doctorate for his services to the police and community.

Following his school education in Luton, he was spurred on to be a police officer when he joined the Metropolitan Police Cadets in 1971 as a teenager. Then on his 19th birthday he formally joined the police service and began his initial training at Hendon Training School.

Once he had completed his training for his first posting he was assigned to the police service in Lewisham and as he points out he has “adopted the borough ever since”. He became the borough’s only Black police officer out of 200 staff.

Throughout his career he took on many roles including being a Duty Inspector, Detective Sergeant and Detective Constable. He was posted as a DC while in Notting Hill where he was involved in the policing of the Notting Hill Carnival in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

He also went on to work for Scotland Yard in a number of postings, one included the opportunity to work with agencies in the United States, which was sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. By the time of his retirement he had achieved the rank of Detective Chief Inspector but served most of his time as a Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Uniform Inspector, Detective Inspector for the bulk of his career in Lewisham.

In 1995 at a Race for Justice Conference he was one of the first serving police officers to make a leading statement that racism was endemic in the Metropolitan Police.




 OJ's Bio

Cristazone is a business that is dedicated to helping people to find natural solutions for chronic health conditions by using nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being as tools to effect change. We specialise in working with people that are experiencing type-2-diabetes, prostate issues, fibroid's and that require healthy weight loss solutions. However, the service offered is not limited to these conditions as evidenced by the wide range of conditions that are presented to us in clinic, and are helped by our functional/holistic approach to well-being.
The company was founded by Ojarikre Udu, a registered Nutritional Therapist and a qualified Personal Trainer. His passion for health is underpinned by the belief that good health is something that we should all be entitled to as opposed to being a privilege enjoyed by a knowledgeable few.


Biography: TC Carrier


TC Carrier studied abroad and learned various techniques as an ‘Inner G’ Work Specialist, Tantric Arts and a Massage Therapist.  TC received the bulk of his information by channelling an ancient Kemetic goddess named Nekhebet.  She gave him the assignment to heal our community through intimacy. TC lectures and carries out workshops globally. He presently resides in California where he operates his business which provides the community with several kinds of metaphysical products, art to be used in conjunction with his magical teachings and his writings.

TC is also an Author of 7 books including: ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex.’ He also has appeared on the ‘Steve Harvey Morning Show’ on several occasions as well as ‘The Dr Phil Show’ under the subject of dating and relationships.







In 1999 he was the major keynote speaker at the International Reunion of the African Family in Latin America in Barlovento, Venezuela.

In August 2010 he was first keynote speaker at the First Global Black Nationalities Conference in Osogbo, Nigeria.

In December 2010 he was President and first speaker at the Diaspora Forum at the FESMAN Conference in Dakar, Senegal.

He is currently pursuing a major work on the African presence in the museums of the world.

As a tour leader he has taken groups to India, Australia, Fiji, Turkey, Jordan, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Togo, Benin, France, Belgium, England, Cote d’Ivoire, Namibia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Luxembourg, Germany, Cameroon, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, the Gambia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Runoko Rashidi’s major mission in life is the uplift of African people, those at home and those abroad.  He is the official Traveling Ambassador for Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.

For more information write to

website is






492 Korner klub 

As Tony Cealy the creator of the project describes the name 492 Korna Klub came as result from conversations with Clare Douglas, Jacques Fergus and his mother Joyce Collins. The number 492 represents the 492 passengers that came on the SSEmpireWindrush, a ship that sailed from Jamaican to Tilbury docks in England. His mother as well as many other members of the Afro Caribbean Community lived in Brixton when they first arrived from Jamaica. As his mother mentions, ‘it was a difficult time for we Jamaicans to find places to socialise back then so we would often get together on corners (Corna- Korna) of the street and talk about life here in London’. The gatherings and discussions grew amongst the people and soon they had to find alternative places to meet. One of the places she remembers meeting is the site where Brixton Sports club stands today on the junction of Moorlands Road and Coldharbour Lane.

Tony is an experienced arts practitioner specialising in the development and delivery of a range of innovative arts-based programmes and projects to educate and empower people and groups throughout Europe and increasingly internationally.He is the founder and director of Noh Budget Films where he has managed numerous creative projects from conception to completion. He uses drama and theatre to encourage self-awareness and to assist individuals in exploring the idea of change and the impact that it may have on their lives. Within this framework they consider the complex web of connections between personal behaviour, choice and responsibility and broader social, economic and political factors. As an actor, trainer and drama facilitator he has worked for over 20 years with disadvantaged disaffected groups locally, regionally, national, in Europe and increasingly internationally using drama and theatre methods for workshops, projects and learning programmes in project delivery, development and management, particularly in the areas of criminal justice, community arts, mental health, local authority, education and social services.  For more info

visit Tony's website

You can connect with us through social media.

You can call Tony Cealy (Creator/Director) on 07956 877 358

You can email us 

Get in touch!                

































images-3 images-7 images-5

HERO N - Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur 








Aundrieux Khonsu Sankofa

Aundrieux Khonsu Sankofa

Aundrieux Khonsu Sankofa also known as Prof. Khonsu
Is an inner-city youth mentor and community activist stemming over 25 years.

He has lived and studied the schools of Islam, Christianity & Judaism, also Buddhist and Hindu meditation. Usui Reiki, Tao philosophy, Tantra, Landmark education self development, Holistic Health, and Khemetic spirituality as taught by master teachers Supreme Grand Master Neter Aaferti Atum Re and Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen.

Sankofa lectures on Holistic Health, Ancient African History, The Metaphysics of Hip Hop and Urban Rites of Passage for Boys. He is also Co-founder of ‘The Manhood Academy for Boys’, a rites of passage program training teens into men.


About: Sacred Man: From Boyhood to Manhood to Divine Masculine

Sacred Man: A Conscious Manhood Manual. A Compact Reference Guide. Quoting Modern Day Master Teachers, on the Spirit, Mind & Body Balance of a New Type of Evolving Warrior. An Urban Polymath, a Conscious Renaissance Man - A Sacred Man.










Auntie Jean's Afrikan Culture Market's

2nd Year!!! 


thumbnail_Afrika Culture Market Flyer (back) 2016







492 Korner Klub


We have been on air since March 2014 and are going from strength to strength; to raise ongoing support and awareness of the project, we are planning a celebratory fundraising event. All funds gathered will be invested in the project aiming to further improve the quality of the episodes aired, encourage community engagement and make a real difference in everyday life.


How can you support us:

We are seeking sponsorship support from companies, in the form of a monetary donation, gift bags and/or prizes for the event. If you are an individual and would like to make a contribution or volunteer, please contact us and we will happy to have you on board!







Nubian Life Resource Centre, is an award winning care provider for African and Caribbean elders living within the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham since 1985. The service provides care for those elders with complex health conditions. 

Activities are co-designed with service users inline with our 5F framework (Foundation, Family, Faith,Food,Fun)

Abuzz with activities and laughter, Nubian Life focuses on empowerment through preventative, social and educational activities, promoting choice and control, alongside emotional and physical well-being.



 Rasheda Malcolm

Author/Radio Presenter/Writer/Creative Activist/Domestic Abuse Consultant


Rasheda is the CEO of WILDE (Women into Literature Development & Empowerment) International Network and is also the Director of Every Woman Inspired, an international conference. WILDE’s Free Me to be Me Domestic Abuse Ambassador Training programme is CPD accredited and open to women and girls.


In 2010 WILDE was presented the Pandora Awards for Publishing by Women in Publishing and Rasheda’s short story, Justice was published in an anthology by Puffin in 2004. She tried her hand at writing a screen play, House Full of Women and was long listed for the Bush and Angle Theatre Award in 2011. Currently Rasheda is completing her debut novel, Swimming With Fishes, due for publication September 2017 by Jacaranda Books.



Marion ‘Kandake’ Makonnen Bsc (Hons)

Medical Herbalist/Master NLP Practitioner/Healer


Marion aka ‘Kandake’ was introduced to the use of herbs and healing by her grandmother as a child.  In her teens she decided to embrace a more holistic lifestyle as a Rastafarian and left London to live in  Jamaica amongst the Rastafarian community for 14 years living an ‘ital’ or  ‘natural’ way of life.  5 years into her stay a very close friend was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. This would be the turning point in her journey with herbs. Marion began researching in ernest the therapeutic uses of herbs.     Marion came back to London and attended the University of Westminster, London where she graduated in 2008  with a BSC (Hons) in Medical Herbalism.



‘Kandake’ as part of a Community Health Panel

  • In 2012 set up a growing project in a local school where year groups 1-6, (over 500 children) now have access to growing food ie beans, corn, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots etc
  • Assist in setting up a herb garden at a local community allotment
  • For past 7 years assists in running drumming workshops in North London for health and well being purposes

Growing project: beds erected and food planted in school garden

  • Carries out workshops with parents in local schools around herbs and nutrition
  • Carries out workshops in drumming and storytelling for wellbeing
  • In March 2013 Marion received an ‘Unsung Heroes Award’ from the Deputy Mayor of Haringey for work carried out in her community









Owner of the Ankh Wellbeing Centre




The Princesses









51tidhbu0tl-_sy344_bo1204203200_images (2)






Connie Bell is a Drama Therapist and Cultural Mediator. She has worked with the Caribbean Mental Institute in forming programs for children with social and behavioural challenges.

She also works extensively with Universities, Schools and Artistic Spaces in providing Mapping workshops that address the issues of the African Diaspora. 

She is a Storyteller and Writer who has created cultural pieces and plays that provide commentary on the radicalism of the African culture in the western context. 






Sunday 16th October 2016

The Return of the Three Heavy Weight Kings

return 3  Kings `ACM 5


Sunday 16th October 2016

The Return of the Three Heavy Weight Kings

return 3  Kings `ACM 5


Robin Walker, also known as The Black History Man, was born in London in 1967.

In 1996 Robin Walker co-edited the first of a series of seminal lifestyle surveys. The Black Community Report 1996 was commissioned by Amenta Marketing and published in the UK. A year later, the equally important Black Child Report 1997 appeared, again co-edited for Amenta Marketing. Also in 1997, he edited The Alarm Journal.

In 1999 he wrote Classical Splendour: Roots of Black History published in the UK by Bogle L'Ouverture Publications. In the same year, he co-authored The West African Empire of Songhai, a textbook that is used by many schools across the country. In 2000 he co-authored Sword, Seal and Koran, the best study there has ever been on the Songhai Empire of West Africa.

For the Peoplescience Intelligence Unit, he was sole editor of the Black Community Report 2000, the Black Child Report 2001, and the incomparable Asian Community Report 2001. In 2005 he wrote the script for the independent documentary History Report: In Search of African Splendour.




TONY WARNER  ...Black History Walks..

Tony Warner is the founder and director of Black History Walks (BHW), guided tours that highlight influences and contributions that people of African descent have made over the centuries to some of the most popular places in London.  Black History Walks is the quintessential way to discover the hidden African heritage in the sites, institutions and architecture in and around England's great metropolis capital city.  The only tour of its kind in London, Warner has identified a sector in the city’s tourism industry that has unwittingly excluded African Britons. BHW tours are designed to bring this forgotten part of history to life by doing walks in the city.  2931bfcIt is an excellent way for school children, family, friends, couples and tourists from around the world to enjoy the summer while learning about important aspects of the city’s history. Warner, who has been a community activist for many years, believes that including contributions made by Black Britons add to the fullness of the history and culture of London and its vicinity. Some walks uncover the black presence and influence from long ago times of African princes and generals, and some reveal the presence of Africans in London during Roman times. Black History Walk tours include information about modern-day professionals such as pilots and doctors as well as civil rights leaders and others who have made imprints on history in and around London.


Andrew Muhammad


Andrew was born to Jamaican parents in 1965 and was raised and educated in Walthamstow, East London. Known to this day for his humour and lively personality, Andrew joked his way through Stoney Down Primary and Beaconsfield & William Morris Secondary schools leaving in 1982 with seriously unfunny exam results.

Since 1983 however, a change had taken place in Andrew. A Christmas gift from his older brother Michael, A Black History Book about Malcolm X, had encouraged him for the first time to read something he was not forced to by the school curriculum. The book awakened a hunger in Andrew to know about history, the history of the human race, and most particularly Black people.

He became motivated enough to achieve a National Diploma in Business Studies and became an underwriter in 1986. Almost overnight Andrew went from a person who had to be forced to read to an avid reader who devoured everything he could lay his hands on. Through Pliny, Herodotus, Godfrey Higgins, J.A. Rogers, MacRitchie and Cheik Anta Diop, Andrew’s search for The Hidden Truth had begun.

Using the humour and lively personality that worked against him in school Andrew began to explain what he’d learned to friends. Soon he was invited to meet friends of friends and give them the breakdown too.

He outgrew their sitting rooms pretty quickly and began to hire halls launching The Hidden Truth Tours which have to-date taken him as far afield as Egypt.



Andrew is available for lectures, seminars, courses, debates, interview, tours and mentoring. He provides talks on a very wide range of topics including: The Self, World History, and Black and African History.








Robin Walker

ROBIN WALKER   .......      The Black History Man

Robin Walker 1

Leading Black History Educational Specialist (aka The Black History Man), I am a Teacher & Writer on all matters related to Ancient & Medieval African History 


Just a few of some of Robins 30 plus Books published 





Tony Warner

TONY Warner 
                              ...Black History Walks...

Tony Warner


Director, Walks Talks and Films on the African History of London

Black History Walks

– Present (6 years)

Works with schools, community groups, staff associations and tourists to reveal the African history of London using guided walks, presentations and films in London all year long.

 Just some of the many things Tony is involved in











Andrew Muhammad

Andrew Muhammad ... The Investigator...

Andrew Muhammad

In 1993 no longer having time for underwriting he began instead to support himself through the tours and working in education, visiting schools and prisons and speaking on Radio. Everywhere he went he was encouraged to put what he taught into book form and with Free Your Mind he has done that, Andrew hopes that Free Your Mind will become as much a source of enlightenment to Black people, young and old, as the Black history book on Malcolm X was to him.


The Hidden Truth – Movie Breakdowns

invest_thematrixSince 1994 Andrew has been conducting Hidden Truth Tours nationwide and internationally to Kemet (Egypt), Tunisia, Ireland and Spain. Andrew Muhammad has also designed what is widely known as the ‘Hidden Truth Movie Breakdown’. This delivery is based on the Chinese proverb that a picture paints a thousand words.

The movie industry has perfected the art of using signs and symbols to convey many hidden truths to a very unsuspecting and susceptible audience. This type of communication was first invented in Kemet (Egypt) and was used throughout their society. Many Hollywood blockbuster films and cartoons such as The Matrix and Lion King contain secrets that will amaze the viewers. It is the job of the ‘Investigator’ to reveal just what those secrets are.

His delivery is suitable to all, regardless of age or attention span. His up beat delivery captures the imagination of all ages. What makes the Hidden Truth lectures and Movie Breakdowns so unique is that they are so easy to follow and understand. The Investigator puts the fun back into learning. Andrew’s multimedia technique of teaching has proven to be a very effective teaching tool for teachers, pupils and parents. He is an expert in this field and has the ability to translate subliminal messages which are overlooked by the untrained eye.





Marcia Rigg




Afruika Bantu Saturday School


5 - 6 year olds    9:30am - 12:30pm

.Established in 1999.

To raise confident, articulate Black youth who have a strong sense of purpose (nia) and identity.

This coupled with a desire to succeed with a high aspiration for their future forms the foundation of the school.

To inspire and motivate pupils to have a vision to believe they have potential and a future.





Brother Minkah


St Martins Community Centre,

Abbots Park, St Martins Estate, Tulse Hill, SW2

Contact:    Julietta Adofo 07903 012 757





Vasco Stevenson

Vasco Stevenson

Come and hear Brother Vasco one of the most knowledgeable and respected community lecturers revealing the truth behind recent and past events which the powers to be have gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal.    


Vasco Stevenson




website ....







Sunday 17th July 2016








Esther Stanford-Xosei

Esther Stanford-Xosie and Toyah RBG from the March committee,

 will make a joint presentation about the Reparation March scheduled for 1st August 2016.

Esther Stanford-Xosei is Co-Vice Chair of PARCOE, the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe, Co-Vice Chair of the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee and Co- founder of  ENGOCCAR, the Europe-Wide NGO Consultative Council on Afrikan Reparations.
Toyah RBG is the Secretary of the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee

Arthur Torrington ... Speaking on the Life & Times of: ... Sam King MBE

Sam King Pic 1

arthur pic

SAM KING, co-founder of The Equiano Society and Windrush Foundation, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Friday 17 June 2016 at the age of 90 in Brixton, south London. He was a former Mayor of Southwark, the first black person to have held that office. He was one of the generations of Windrush Pioneers who served in World War 2 and heard the calls of the Mother Country to help the reconstruction of Britain after the war.







Evanne Constantine – Advocacy Service Practitioner 

 I have 22 years’ experience working for Family Health ISIS as an Advocacy Service Practitioner.  This is a voluntary organisation that supports mentally ill African and Caribbean people in the Borough of Lewisham.  We work closely with Community Mental Health Teams, GPs, Social Services and the Probation Service. 

I facilitate workshops with vulnerable people on health and nutrient; one-to-one sessions with mentally ill service users; hold advisory drop in session to assist them on issues and matters such as benefits, housing, education and mental health.   

We raise money through fundraising events to sponsor clients in activities that help them to gain social skills and to encourage them to interact with wider society. 

I’ve completed a BSc (Hons) in Social Science. BACP in Research Bipolar Disorders and BACP in Counselling.  Diploma in Health and Science.




Mervyn Barrett


Mervyn Barrett

"I am an Inevitability Coach and Personal Development Trainer and Speaker. I'll help you to put together, in a Cohesive and Coherent manner, Structures and Strategies that make whatever it is you wish to achieve: INEVITABLE.

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do - Kobe Bryant

Contact Details: 0796 140 6240 or email:
Or Facebook Mervyn Barrett or LinkedIn Mervyn Barrett


Sunday 29th May 2016 Sahu

Sahu & Amos         Life Of Tai Chi

20150308_120301 (2)                                           Cultivation of self is imperative at any time however this time is essential becoming aware of one's inner self leads to the science of know thy self, knowing how to act in the world, giving yourself moments to think, to act using the knowledge of truth and justice so your good deeds begin to out weight or balance  your past transgression.  The outer self or the world outside us which resides inside us is the market place were we can negotiate these past experience.  Hence bring some order to our inner turmoil thus we raise in consciousness attracting more vital force as we prepare our self for further lesson through life remembering (death is an event in a very long life).  These static posture offer an opportunity to develop this  internal dialogue with clear intent, visualization and mindfulness.  Mindfulness of being in the now and  mindfulness of one's thought, therefore knowing what you bring into the world.  These are ancient teachings of Ptah found in the Memphite theology.   

So Live Life Now....


The title for the presentation is:-

Dealing with Diabetes - Preventative, management and alleviating diabetes

Ptah Khi Holistic Health
Phone number:  Sahu - 07903806649, Amun - 07951 499979




Tony Dada

tony dada 1

Sunday 19th June 2016

Jaraad Abdalla 

(Martin Lawrence Joseph)  

Celebration of his life

SunRise August 10th 1957  SunSet April 14th 2016




















Sunday 19th June 2016

Nefertiti Ife  &  Menelik Shabazz






Nefertiti will be Presenting & showing Menelik Shabazz's film LOVERS ROCK          











My background begins as a young man age 15 who knew he was a servant of The Most High. 

Fast forward to age 20, I began searching for a way to rid my self of dis-ease caused by the consumption of blood and starch. After graduating from university as a Graphics Designer at age 25, the search for healing became full time. They say, seek and you shall find, which is true. I found a man named Dr Sebi and I never looked back.

 was so inspired I put down the idea of a good graphics design office job, so I could use my Graphics skills to enlighten the world with Dr Sebi’s teachings. After studying him for 2 years I finally had the chance to meet him in September 2015. It was an honour to learn from him face to face and not just from his videos. He is the only man on the planet who has gone to court and proven that he could cure every disease in the world by using our Mother, Nature. So I don’t care if people do not believe him, and by default, me as well. If anyone on the planet benefits from what I share, then that is my reward.

 However, the path that I’m on is a lonely road. And I came to realize that evil is protected when it is denied. So our ignorance allows evil to have power over us. 

Nonetheless, I have decided to dedicate my life to waking up my people even if i must die trying 











Roots Doctor


                                                   Tribute to the Late Great Miss Lou

images (1) images (2) Louise-Bennett (1)



Sunday 29th May 2016 Ngozi




I will be speaking about Sistah Space, Domestic and sexual violence

I will be available between 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm to advise on matters of domestic and sexual abuse.

Confidentiality assured.

Our Survivor Dolls and various other products will be on sale to help maintain the unfunded Sistah Space.

 Victims of domestic and sexual abuse.
After yet another murder of a woman and her children through domestic violence, We in the local Grassroots community have identified a need for women to have a safe, non-goverment run sanctuary.













Sunday 29th May 2016 Vasco

Vasco Stevenson


Vasco StevensonBorn in Barbados and started my working life as a school teacher. I came to UK and worked for an insurance company and later became a Branch Manager for an investment company. I got involved in health matters over 17 years ago and have been on several local radio stations including Galaxy (several times), SLR(several times), Station FM, RJR, Supreme, Tropical FM, Croydon Radio, Venture, One Harmony and Genesis and Colourful Radio. I also had a small part in a documentary that was aired on ITV in October 2013 where I was filmed undergoing a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test. I have been on Ben TV in 2011 and 2013 and in August 2012 was on BBC Radio (Prostate), a programme that was aired nationally. In order to get information to as many people as possible I have developed my own website My spare time is spent giving PowerPoint presentations in and around London and sometimes further afield. I spend about 3 hours per day researching health matters and have presented to several churches (Harlesden Baptist – Faith Chapel- Vine Church – Shiloh – Beulah – Mount Zion

Vasco Stevenson





Sean Frekleton

Sean Freckleton

 The presentation will cover all aspects of Intergenerational Wealth Planning, such as: What is a Trust? What is the purpose of a Trust? and how Property Trusts, Family Trusts, Pension Trusts, Child Trusts, Discretionary Trusts and other legacy planning tools & strategies can protect family assets & ensure a brighter future for your bloodline and future generations.

 Sean Freckleton
Affinity Legacy Planning LLP

 Mob.   07521 949 166
Tel.      0208 226 2120
Add.   23 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1JB


Sunday 15th May 2016


Charles Turner



                                              (Alase Osumare)

                           which Authority Of the Rainbow Orisha 

My Presentation will cover Reiki and how it works, types of Reiki and my own Orisha healing system which is a spiritual system as well.




Sunday 17th July 2016


Nicholas Okwulu

Community Enabler

People Empowering People (Pempeople)



Our new Livesey Exchange  2016 for Business Community and Residents

 Please like our page

Nicholas Okwulu Case Study Big Lunch Extra 2016 Video

    Awarded  May 2015 

Honorary Member  of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell

Tate Exchange Partner 2016     What Really Matters 2015 Video Peckham

Check out our new website     

Pempeople Pop Up Shop

91 Peckham High Street Space available.

Sam King MBE

Sam King Pic 2

Arthur Torrington

Arthur is a Community Worker, co-founder (with the late Sam B. King MBE in 1996) and Secretary of Windrush Foundation, a registered charity and The Equiano Society which were established in 1996 in London.   Arthur publicises the history and heritage of African and Caribbean men and women who settled in the UK, before and after 22 June 1948.  Windrush Foundation, a registered charity, fosters good race and community relations, and designs heritage projects that celebrate the heritage of African people.  The Equiano Society promotes and publicises the life of Olaudah Equiano, a former slave, sailor, barber, war veteran, businessman, writer, explorer, and abolitionist who lived in 18th century London.













Sheron Campbell








Mervyn Barrett

The Case for Brain Awareness
Most of us do not work WITH our Brain. We know so little of how our Brain works we often get the signals it communicates to us all wrong. If we know little of how our Brain works, we, by DEFAULT, end up working AGAINSTit as much as it works against us. I help people recognise, with some simple, cutting edge tools and techniques, how to work WITH their Brain. When You work WITH Your Brain YOU ARE WORKING WITH YOUR SELF! Then, Success becomes an INEVITABLE by product!"
Salient Points for Presentation on Sunday 15th May 2016
1/ Mindset of a Champion - Get On The Court
2/ Simple Brain Facts - How to Work With your Brain
3/ Tracking and Planning - Access to Action
4/ How to Be Great - Who are You?
I love Personal Development Quotes! Check this one:
Success is an Inside Out Job.
Mervyn Barrett
Inevitability Coach at 5sense Management Technologies Ltd
The Key Elements to Your Success are: Outcome - Action - Evaluate - Modify


Sunday 29th May 2016 Sahu

 Sahu & Amos       ...Tia Chi...



Contact details:
 07904 177 681  ...   Email: 


Tony Dada

e-flyer 2015 flyer2




Sunday 19th June 2016

Jaraad Abdalla                

Start time:  11am. - 1pm.

Tendai MWARI

(Be thankful unto God)

Ceremony of Memorial & Thanks Giving

For the life of:

Bro Jaraad Abdallah

Order of Ceremony

Drum Call

Procession: Ceremonial Official Enter

Word off The Drum – (Divine-Prophetic Utterances)

Greetings & Welcome – (Acknowledging the Elders) -

Greeting Chant - Peace & Love

Libation - (Veneration of the Ancestors) – Who, To be decided.

Communal Reading: The Afrikan Pledge

Eulogy: Family

Tributes: Family & Friends

Message – Bro Ldr Mbandaka

Chant: Redemption Song

Invocation - Prayers for Blessing & Elevation of the Soul

Close – Chant: Rudorashe nga nuve nemi (The Love of Mwari {God} go with you.

Tendai MWARI

(Be thankful unto God)












                     Nefertiti Ife


















eat to live blk logo

Speaking about The Reasons we get Sick,




there is Only one Dis-Ease  "MUCUS"   


 I will be speaking about how to cure ourselves of any disease in the world.


 Contact number: 07939 101 451

 You can email me from the ‘contact us page’ on the website below:




Miss Lou - Mother of Jamaican culture

Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley or Miss Lou, OM, OJ,

Born: September 7, 1919, Kingston, Jamaica
Died: July 26, 2006, Toronto, Canada

MBE, was a Jamaican poet, folklorist, writer, and educator.





Sunday 29th May 2016 Ngozi


8813827_1454497838.9877_funddescription            Valerie Forde and her toddler daughter Real-Jahzara

With the support Valerie's family and close friends, we want to run a series of prorammes in honour and memory of community champion and artist, Valerie Forde and her toddler daughter Real-Jahzara (see pic), both recently killed through domestic violence.

The African and Caribbean Grassroots community are paticularly at risk of death and serious injury as they do not usually report incidents of abuse. A Sistah Space is a place where they can get supply around the clock and get support from community volunteers.

The initial hard work has been done, we have managed to secure a venue courtesy of Hackney Council and Hackney CVS. We have negotiated a massive reduction in costs.

Now we need help to secure the rent of £ 2000 for the year and £1500 to cover rates, utilities and associated costs.

We have raised £1000 . The additional we need to raise is £2500 for the year. We don't think it is too much to raise to support a marginalised section of our community.

We hope we can secure your support
Thank you.


Facebook: Ngozi Headley Fulani


Sunday 29th May 2016 Vasco

I also present on certain aspects of Black History and have presented on “West Indians at the Panama Canal 1850 to 1914” on Saturday 20th October at the Croydon Supplementary School, 32 Sydenham Road, Croydon, who have now booked a series of health presentations well into the new year. This presentation

was also made at City Hall, South Bank, London SE1 and The Barking Hub on the 24th October 2014 and the Marcus Garvey Library on the 6th November 2014 and on 25th of November at Wood Green Library. I also present on the Herero genocide in South West Africa (Namibia) and am currently working on King Leopold and the Belgian Congo. A current list of my bookings is on my website, “Events & Engagements”. I also host a radio chat programme every Sunday morning from 10.08 am to 12.00

I live by the maxim “Let your food be your medicine” as proposed by the Egyptian priest, teacher and architect Imhotep over 2,000 years before Hippocrates was born.


Contact details:     020 8699 1562     07725 567 262




Sean Frekleton


Sean Freckleton is a Partner at Affinity Legacy Planning LLP - a national provider of Intergenerational Wealth Planning services. Affinity Legacy Planning's legal team is authorised and regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, the Specialist Property Law Regulator and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Affinity Legacy Planning LLP is also a full member of the Society of Will Writers.

Affinity Legacy Planning LLP's mission statement: To foster and facilitate intergenerational wealth preservation for the betterment of future generations.


ALP Logo on Black



Sunday 15th May 2016


Charles Turner

 My Name is Charles Turner Born of Yoruba Decent.
I am 30 years of Age and work as Learning Mentor in a Secondary School.
My practices include
Chi Kung, Wing Chun and Reiki. Qualified Reki Master Since 2012
however been practicing Reiki from 2005.
Founder of Ase Osumare Healing Arts of the Orisha's and Pioneer of Qabalistic Cube Of Space Healing.
Contact details:  07904 177 681  ...   Email: