Stella B. & Nat Nye

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StellaB & Nat Nye

The Power Couple ... Are the "Hosts" of......                                           IMG_3255 BW

Auntie Jean's Afrikan Culture Market's Showcase Platform ... 

Stella B & Nat Nye are known as a Power Couple, Revolutionaries, Spoken Word Artists, Workshop Facilitators, Hosts and Radio Presenters for Galaxyafiwe 102.5 FM.

Nat Nye is known on the Spoken Word scene as a master of the art form and has performed at countless events in and around London including prestigious venues such as the Roundhouse, Richmix, Tate Britain, SOAS University, UCL, Black Cultural Archives as well as festivals such as Camp Bestival & Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has also been a resident artist at Sadlers Wells.
Stella B is multi-talented, diverse and rich individual with a strong background in performance through the mediums of dance, singing and acting. She studied creative writing with drama and dance at Bath University and gained a BA Honours 2.1 Degree. She has recently had a residency and performed at Sadlers Wells.

contact number: 07984 015 132            email address:

Each month the couple will host the Showcase Platform Introducing the Guest Presenters as well as the Local Talent & Business Service's  that members of Our Community have to Offer.

Auntie Jean's  "Sunday"  Afrikan Culture Market

Sunday 17th April 2016



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My greatest interest is in making the world a better place, and for the last 5 years I have been working with young people as a youth worker, motivational speaker, mentor, youth leader and a catalyst for positive change. 
Through running workshops, being an entrepreneur and dedicating myself to proactively engaging with the hardest to reach from various communities, I have gained a unique set of skills, which enables me to successfully plan and deliver high impact projects.
Kheron Kenardo
Find The Hero In You


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Connect with me online -




Sunday 17th April 2016

Davis J Williams 

Since ancient times throughout all cultures  globally. The practice of rites of passage has been a standard requirement for young people coming of age. Adulthood training passed down by the wise elders of the community.

Davis +youth
Unfortunately modern urban teens are instinctively enacting their own initiations into adulthood, due to the art of rites of passage being forgotten in western culture.

Teens are self initiating, void of the guidance of the elders, via gang initiation,experimental sexuality and hardening prison time. 

The Manhood Academy for Boys reinstates ancient tradition. A year long programme teaching boys how to navigate and survive the modern world, guided by a team of skilled men.

Nurturing the masculine art of transition from boyhood to adulthood to manhood.



Sunday 17th April 2016


1RAspect Fyahbingi

RASPECT FYA-BINGHI, at the tender age of only 23…has become The UK’s most prominent motivational youth figure, and most requested youth speaker, and grime artist, who bridges the gaps between all generations. Articulate, passionate and a naturally gifted, spiritual and inspirational orator, continuously through his talks, music and actions, instils and articulates concepts of Race First, Race Pride and Black Nationalism.

Raspect continuously rises up his voice, strongly speaking out against the injustices perpetrated under the pretext of police ‘stop and search’.

This inspirational young brother begs all members of our communities not to remain silent amidst the injustices. Going on to state that: raspect Kwanzaa

“Scores of black people are being disproportionately stop and searched- black males in particular compared to their Asian and European counterparts. Police forces are up to 28 times more likely to use stop-and-search powers against black people than white people and more often than not they (the police) are breaking the law, as research from the official human rights body has openly and clearly revealed. Therefore it being of significant importance for us to know the law and our rights!”

Raspect 2IN 2014 Raspect released his first single called: “Round Here We Say Tendai Mwari” (Tendai Mwari meaning: “Thanks be unto the Creator”. A term from the Shona language, spoken mainly in some southeastern regions of Africa, such as Zimbabwe) which reached number 1 in the UK street charts and within local community outlets. The video, which accompanies the single, has taken off internationally and has received much recognition. Fyhbingi




Sunday 17th April 2016

El Crisis

El Crisis’ style of poetry and performance is truly unique. He combines a hypnotic mixture of rap, spoken word, song and chant. He speaks as a Griot, which is the knowledged of an ancient wisdom and a spiritual connection with his ancestors. His reality does not end in the spiritual. El Crisis raps, sings, chants and recites spoken word poetry relating his experiences, stories, street style philosophy and viewpoints of the world and society today. Combined with an angelic voice of staggering range and depth, El Crisis effortlessly crosses over the lyrical dimensions of Folk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Blues, Sea Shanty, Storytelling, Theatre and more. 

El Crisis 2

He has appeared on cable TV, community radio shows and made several features on BBC radio. El Crisis also performs and leads workshops in schools, prisons, art galleries, colleges, universities, clubs and festivals across England. He has recently released his debut solo album named 'The Contents Page'. He does not call it an album. He calls it his Foundation, due to it being a body of work that he will be building and expanding upon in the near future. It is promoted on his website and can be heard and bought on his bandcamp page.


El Crisis4



Sunday 17th April 2016 ShakaRa

ShakaRa7ARMYShakaRa 2

website: |


Andrew Muhammad

Andrew Muhammad


We at The Westside Young Leaders Academy (WYLA) have a dedicated team who are passionate about producing successful men who understand they are born to be GREAT! We provide a range of classes and opportunities designed to bring out this GREATNESS! We sincerely believe that EVERY child matters and with the right support they can achieve and live their dreams.


WYLA is made up of young African Caribbean boys, from eight to eighteen years of age, who attend inner city schools and are faced with adult challenges earlier in life than expected.The goals of WYLA are to instil the tenets of success in our leaders at an early age, creating an awareness and understanding of the opportunities that exist for their lives.The Academy provides consistent motivation to encourage participants to stay focussed and to pursue those opportunities with passion.



Rijole Bitata


Rijole Bitata is a language specialist teacher with over ten years experience working in inner city London schools.

Originally from Equatorial Guinea, she was born and raised in Spain where she trained as a specialist language teacher before coming to the UK.

She has worked with many grassroots organizations and she is passionate about education and parenting.

Rijole Bitata

The ATL Learning Centre
Founder & Director
Achieving & Excelling
Twitter: info@Atl

Tel: 07411 409 700





Aundrieux Sankofa


Is an inner-city youth mentor. He has lived and studied the schools of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, also Buddhist and Hindu meditation. Usui Reiki, Tao sciences, Tantric yoga, Landmark education self development, Holistic Health, and Khemetic spirituality as taught by master teachers Supreme Grand Master Neter Aaferti Atum Re and Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen.
He has lectured at The University of the Arts, London on The Metaphysics of Hip Hop, Hip Hop History, Holistic  Health, Ancient African History and currently lives in London, where he delivers workshops on a rites of passage program training teen boys into manhood in South London.
fb: aundrieux anumra sankofa
fb: sacred man
t: 07956 573 783


tony dada 1













Sunday 20th March 2016

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Sunday 20th March 2016 Cheryl Phoenix

Cheryl Phoenix 

Cheryl Phoenix

Cheryl Phoenix is a serial entrepreneur, who specialises in business development, marketing, and event management. Cheryl has been working in the business arena for over 18 years. Cheryl owns several businesses and brands including UK Black Links, Purple Pages, The Black Child Agenda & African & Caribbean Relocation and Investment Summit. Over the years, Cheryl has overcome many adversities, including loosing her business and life partner, back in early 2007. Having to rebuild her life and businesses; (due to having to focus on her family and cope with grief). Against all odds, Cheryl has become one of the most influential people in her field.

 Cheryl's history started in Corporate UK in the city for one of the largest UK Based American firms, she then moved over to the Daily Mail Group (DMG Media) doing event management and Business to Business sales to ft500 companies. With this she was headhunted by the Director of UK Black Links "Dele Akinlade" who then went on to be her husband, business and life partner.

UK Black Links Business Directory, this was the first publication targeted at the UK African & Caribbean Community. Over 150,000 copies of the publication were distributed annually throughout key areas in the UK, to businesses, libraries, Government bodies Corporate companies, & customers.

With this Cheryl was invited to sit on the board of the London Development Agencies BME grant awarding body, and was part of the panel which awarded funds to BME Businesses within the M25 area. 

Cheryl has also worked with -

  • Channel 4 for a documentary uncovering racism in the lettings market
  • Met and worked alongside Richard Branson
  • Virgin Nigeria
  • Met Police Recruitment campaigns and race relations committee
  • Ministry Of Defense
  • London Development Agency -50million pound funding for BME Businesses
  • BBC1
  • Sat on the board of the Fair Share funding agency
  • Ran as a Political Councillor in her local community

Cheryl can be contacted via or via 07856 473 039 or




Sunday 20th March Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson


SIS's Director Wins BBI Entrepreneur of the year Award 2015

Cherie Johnson was raised in Southeast London, Peckham. She is the second child of three children for her mother, one older sister and one younger brother. 

Although Cherie father has 22 plus children, this did not ease the experience of growing up in deprived area. 

At the age of 13, Cherie mum was imprisoned for 13 years for drug trafficking. This had a major impact on Cherie, and she struggled to tell anyone what was going on at home. To ease the embarrassment Cherie turned to the forbidden area her mum never allowed her to play on Camden Est. 

Notorious for its intricate design, 1000s of houses crammed into a multitude of corridors, landing and stair well, Camden estate was known to attract the “naughty kids”. Once Cherie explored Camden est, and made a few friends, she learnt a number of skills that would aid her unhealthy life style for her teenage years. Although she left school at the age of 15, and predicated 9 GCSE, Cherie thought the streets was much more fun and educational and decided to leave school. 

Cherie, then went on  to take part in street, train and shop robberies, heavy partying, drug dealing, organised crime, fraud and running her own circle. Although Cherie enjoyed education and aspired to be a social worker, the fast life appeared worth living for, including the tax free money, and she continued to up her activity to become more successful in her chosen life style. 

At the age of 15, Peckham was going under the first major face of regeneration, this led to Cherie Being moved to Nunhead, which was completely different to what she was use to Residential road vs estate. Although this was a fresh start for Cherie, the energy and activates that hid among the estate was nothing like living on a residential road. Cherie behaviour begun to slow down and she explored new friend and surroundings. 

During this time she met her partner of 8 years, who had encapsulated her heart and gave her the urge to tone down her unhealthy life style. Cherie daughter was born and at that moment Cherie begun to feel emotions she had never felt before, her daughter had changed her life, from the moment Cherie arrived home with her daughter, she vouched to never let her daughter experience the loss she had with her mum being imprisoned, this was a new chapter Cherie Johnson was born 

Cherie decided to re engage in education and start the journey of laying a foundation for her daughter.  At the age of 19 Cherie then went on to become the full time mother to her younger brother, and raised him along side her daughter, after all that’s her little brother.  



Sunday 20th March 2016

Itricia 3 final copyright and design elle clacken photography.


Itricia Will be Speaking about a Young woman's Journey. 






Sunday 20th March 2016. Ngozi





Sunday 17th April 2016


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attachmentK HERO N

Find The Hero In You
Presentation title: Thoughts & Possibilities 
This presentation breaks down the art of executing opportunities that present themselves.

K HERO N - Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur 




Davis J Williams


Davis with both his booksManhood Academy for Boys.

"Boys are Born. Men are Made".

There is distinct difference between an Adult-male, Man-child and an Authentic man. 

For more info contact:

Tel: 07939 396 465
Fb: themanhoodacademyLOVE LOGO in pink


Founder of Love is just a Verb, Co-Founder of The Naked Truth, Undiluted Expressionz and Author of And Along Came a Lion and No Enemy Within



Raspect FyabinghiI AM RAspect

                                        His first EP (album) also became number 1 within all remits. Raspect Fyah-Binghi is now to release his second single called: “It’s A Melanin Thing” which in fact speaks for itself; as it is highlighted to be another breakthrough single, which he is hoping to allow his brothers and sisters in France to be the first to receive a copy as a pre-release.

Raspect Prides himself on delivering the quote of one of his most respected leaders Omowale Malcolm X, which is as follows:

“ Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression, because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action!” Omowale Malcolm X

“Umar Johnson promotes Raspect Fyabinghi’s first album “The Sun Has Returned”

Although it is wise to be physically prepared when it cannot be avoided, A real warrior avoids physical confrontation at all costs, for a real warrior knows the outcome of war.

I heavily studied the art of war and other books and ancient pieces written about war, and i found out that every war is 3 dimensional. Spiritual, Mental, Physical. Spiritual being the most important of the three and the one i will speak briefly on today.

The spiritual battle is the battle of spirit vs ego, good vs evil.....the angel on your right shoulder fighting the demon on your left. This is the battle you must win or your doomed from the beginning. Hence the use of the word "Tendai Mwari" which means "Thanks be unto the creator” in the shona language, spoken in Zimbabwe.Black Fist Black power logo 3

The only way to win this battle is to never be the oppressor, to never be the aggressor and if you have the strength, even try to refrain from being an avenger. If you do this, you have won the battle of the spirit, because even though you are a contender, you are a protecter and a defender.
This is why my people have won the spiritual war, and we will continue to win from we refuse to be the oppressors, but promises to be defenders.

Raspect Official



El Crisis

El Crisis is one of the most unique and dynamic voices in the UK's spoken word, poetry and live performance scenes. He first noticed his gift for lyricism as a child aged 7 when he would voice  his lyrical sentences to instrumentals. In the late 1990s he began sharing his skills with small crowds events and gatherings, but fully embraced the Live scene in the year 2000. His poetry has been described as “Word, Power, and Sound”. Words delivered with Power carrying rhythmic Sound Vibrations.

He has recorded with some of London’s top Hip Hop artists, including Roots Manuva, Estelle and others where he chanted the lead hook on a track called 'Rise Up'. Rise Up is on the Brothers Keepers collaboration album which was released in Germany and featured many international artists including Ziggy Marley, Damien Marley, Bunny Wailer, Buju Banton and Morgan Heritage. El Crisis has also performed extensively across the UK with theatrical performances and national tours, including the 'Writers on the Storm' tour and the Broken Words tour, with the Apples & Snakes performance poetry organisation, The Kin Tour with Renaissance One, Spoken Word AllStars, with Poet in the City.

He has featured in national and international festivals spanning across the UK, The Gambia, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, and the United States. These festivals have included Glastonbury (UK), Latitude Festival (UK), Beach Break (UK), Cheltenham Literature Festival (UK), Richmond (UK), Crystal Palace Overground Festival (UK), Identitet (Norway), Poland Fest (Poland), Sable Literature Festival (The Gambia), UK in NY Festival (New York) with the British Council. The Love Poetry, Hate Racism Festival (Northern Ireland). 

El Crisis has also organised and hosted his own events, The Dark Sea Scrolls: Spoken Word Legacy, and The Dark Sea Scrolls: Word, Power and Sound. These events are very profound spiritually empowering cultural spoken word nights that have shaped and inspired the formula of many spoken word events today.

El Crisis play For Bookings or to get in contact with El Crisis,  please email:                                          You can also 'Follow' him on Twitter and Facebook. 





ShakaRa (1)

Tafadzwa ShakaRa Mbandaka

is a member of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement Youth (A.R.M.Y.). His work seeks to combine his east London up bringing with the benefits of having been raised in a Black Power organisation. As a result, ShakaRa is a cultural scientist, de-constructing the systems, ideas and conditions that are used to dis-empower Black people - youth in particular; as well as how we can reconstruct our own ideas and create our own system to improve our condition towards our self-empowerment. ShakaRa's analysis is always hard-hitting uncompromising and far reaching, breaking down complex realities with a simplicity and appeal that crosses generations

ShakaRA's   Presentation on:

Strictly For the Niggas: A hard hitting exploration of how the Nigga mentality has been created in generations of Black people, the purpose it is designed to serve and how Afrikan people have always fought and can continue to fight against Niggerisation.


ShakaRa3 (1)



Andrew Muhammad










For further information please email: or call: 07779 411 259






Kay Johnston









Previously known as Diaspora High School, Kay Johnston reinvented the school image creating Enterprise Diamond School, a small elective home school.





















Tony Dada


Athony Abiola DADA (aka Tony DADA) has been working within his community and across the UK since 1991 after finding himself homeless and stripped of all his worldly possessions including his children due to his relationship breakdown. It was this experience that led him to what he now refers to as “My great experiment”.

Having lost everything in 1 day he realised how redundant a life fuelled solely by the need for continual acquisitions becomes and more importantly that “your possessions do not define who YOU are”.

Despite a lack of resources (no money) and equipped only with the resources he had acquired from his Spiritual Mentor through lessons on how to live a fulfilled and empowered life, Tony decided that he was going to put these lessons learnt to the test. Armed only with this knowledge and a vision, he decided he would redefine what success meant to him and make his life stand for something.


Tony Dada






Sunday 20th March 2016

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Sunday 20th March 2016 Cheryl phoenix



26th February

After the racist attacks on her sons at school, whilst she was caring for her sick husband who subsequently passed away. Her brand, The Black Child Agenda, is a key part of her 2015/16 strategy to tackle the institutional racism met by Black people within the education system, the prison service, mental health establishments and the workplace. Cheryl has taken on local and national government to challenge the unfair and bias treatment of Black people in London and surrounding counties. "The Black Child Agenda" is a significant part of the Community, we have been battling the same issues since we were invited to the UK in the 1950's & 60's". Unfair treatment and the blatant murder of Black people needs to be challenged and culprits held to account. Cheryl has a strategic campaign to arm parents and carers on how to tackle institutional racism, deaths in police custody, the schools to prison pipeline, illegal exclusions and the increase of mental health diagnosis among Black boys & men in particular.

Cheryl's now working to bring a supreme court, legal battle, against the UK Education & Governmental system . The blatant racist practices that has been in existence since the Black community has been in the UK for some 50+ years em-mass needs to be put to an end.


 Cheryl has been working for the economic empowerment of the African & Caribbean Community , through her conferences and exhibitions, she has been able to bring corporate bodies, international clients and UK businesses together.

events such as -

  • Best of Nigeria Expo (UK)
  • The UK Black Links Business Expo
  • The Young-etrepreneurs Business Conference & Expo
  • The Black Child Agenda Conference and Exhibition
  • African & Caribbean Relocation and Investment Summit

Have all been designed to bring the information needed to the table of those in attendance , each event is linked to each other. The nature of Cheryl's talks are to bring knowledge and information to the wider community and the next generation. Her keen eye and focus on the youth has made her even more determined to get that message across.


20th March 2016 Cherie Johnson


SISIn 2013 Cherie founded SIS, Shared Intense Support service, a non for profit organisation which supports women who are connected to gangs, serious violence, sexual exploitation and an unhealthy life style. Providing an intense one 2 one support programme for women who are hard to reach. SIS’s first contract was with Southwark council, and SIS was also invited to sit on the SAVO team. 

SIS has supported a number of women, who thought they could never leave the life style they lived previously, alive or without being seriously harmed, but Cherie used all her life skills, academic skills and street knowledge to create a unique support package which empowers women to use their life experience to change their life and become reformed lady leaders, in a positive way. SIS has successful changed every women life in some way, who has walked through their doors. 

Building upon SIS support structure, SIS now deliver a number of course for professionals to, open up and challenge their working knowledge, training and consultancy service, schools and parents intensive support packages. 

With aim to educate women on the dangers of an unhealthy life style, SIS continues to work towards supporting women who do not meet statutory thresholds. 

Cherie Life has changed substantially and she now aims to inspire women to become leaders within their own earned right. 

SIS Cherie

Cherie went on to apply for the Community Justice Course level 3, which was in partnership with the London probation service, Richmond collage and the CJNTO. 

Working towards her first qualification, Cherie worked at Stonham housing, Eaves housing for women, Nacro, Refuge, Cara irish housing association and Radical. After gaining humence experience, Cherie applied for the access to social work course at Southwark collage, and realised her potential, when her tutor John Rose insisted she was pushed harder and given no room for favours or short cuts as her realised her ability to charm and lead others. 






life expression  5flyer 1 Tai Chi flat 1 border-3




Is the Founder of a Sistah Space, which is a Domestic/Sexual/Abuse Sanctuary for abused women. Ngozi has acquired a Space pacifically for this purpose.

Ngozi will be Speaking about supporting abused women via a film she'll make while in Ghana visiting her daughter.  

Ngozi will grace us with her presence for a short presentation in person on 17th April 2016.







organizations and she is passionate about education and parenting.

Sunday 21st February

Itricia 3 final copyright and design elle clacken photography.As a Motivational speaker I go into school foe Black History month and International Women day build positive self esteem workshops.
My Xpression for the day will centre on how we affirm ourselves, giving time to building a place that truly knows and feels who you are. I will use positive affirmation to  help us relate to our own uniqueness. I love to have fun exploring positive self xpression as we rise up into the place of honouring the ancestors. Everyone will be given a card to write their own affirmation for the day.
Iternal love 
Abundantly Itricia

life expression  5flyer 1 Tai Chi flat 1 border-3


We will explore through your experiences,myths & folklores the reasons why we are who we are.
The most common questions asked are.......
Who are You?
 What is the purpose of your connect to the universe & the peoples in it.
Why were You born ?
And what is your Purpose & Destiny
Through dialogue we will go into realms , way beyond time & space to REmember who we are
 I am a seller of  Books, Artifacts & Memorabilia on Spirituality & the Global African experience.
I specialize in  African History & Spirituality Books, Women's Books, Children's Books & Esoteric & Metaphysical  & also Out of Print- Antiquarian Books on all subjects
I Lecture on Women's issues & Spirituality & Pregnancy & Childbirth
07956 13 43 70
Facebook : Muatta Books


Sunday 21st February 2016


I am a Nature (Solar)Being, the child of my Elders. I like to communicate soul to soul. I am a writer of the words of my ancestors in me. I resonates with all things sacred and all Beings divine. Mother Nature is my guide, life is my teacher.

How I come about:
I have come in realisation of the wellness and the lack of it in this present. My studies has lead me to
accept the beauty and grittiness of love inspired by my ancestors (Elders), insight, intuition, tone and vibrations
of the Most Highs. This acceptance is the ancient knowledge rooted in primordial wombness as Children
of one Womb (Mother). This is my story.

I am Storyteller/Writer/Educator in Organik (high frequency)Yoruba Science and Arts. I can translate works (films, manuscripts, books, journals, documentaries, etc) in English Language to Yoruba Language. I am a Researcher in the field of Art, Language, Religion, Health, Education, History, Mystery and Science. I give presentations on the worth of self awareness and group/community sustenance.
I am here to serve and give back to the World and Mother Earth. My essence is "life is seen in the intuition (innersense/innerverse) of the Children and the wisdom of the Elders"
I am available for cultural  services with the view of improving personal and community health. You can reach me on  Email:,

Business Name:        Wamikampt

 Business Logo:  wamikamptlogo (1)

                    Contact Details:

                  Mobile: 07405 374 664
                 "Resonating with Wealth in Resources"  



Sunday 21st February

                                       Ancestral Essence

Ancestral Essence was created as a way to start the process of restoring some African traditional pride back into our lives. Our children`s futures have been stolen, their past has been hidden and now we live in a present moment were our youth have been taught to be ashamed of Africa, 

Our Ancestors left within all of us their wisdom, their strength and an ability to protect as well as understand ourselves.  Our traditions were designed to retain our African sciences and provide answers to the mysteries within us.  

Many of us are gifted  with visions in dreams as well an unexplained knowing of past and future events.   We have been searching for information to take us deeper  within ourselves.  On the day of the event, I will be talking about the importance of our ancestors with this process.   

The focus will be on your internal conversations  within your own minds and how your relationship with your ancestors  will help to guide you as well as help to stop the incessant thinking conversations  taking place within us.  

Ancestral Essence. P.

We also do consultations  on how to connect with your Ancestors  and advice on various spiritual cleansing techniques as well as clearing negative energies from your home.  If you are interested in these services we can be contacted on 

contact details   ...  079497 088 138  ...

 Facebook ... Ancestral Essence




I- Individual
T- Time
R- Reconnect
I- Ideals
I- Inside 




I have over 30 years experience working in the field of life coaching for young people. I created my own business "Creative Lifestyles" from a wish to manage and run my own workshop relating to individual need. Creative Lifestyles works with Schools, community groups, prisons and third sector organisations. I also run mentoring programmes for specific groups such as drug rehabilitation and youth offenders.
Within my spiritual higher self journey I have learnt the art of stillness within movement by  doing Tai Chi. I started teaching teaching classes and  I am using this as part of my Xpression within my works.
I have also team up with other Sisters and am part of a new yet not so new movement of " Women in the Revolution" our aim is to support parents within the schooling system. We run workshops and promote our works as presenters on Galaxy Radio. 



Spiritual image



Ayo (Yoruba)


 Ayo/ Omoagbametala)
 Synopsis: I will present some of the ancestral knowledge and information handed to me by
my Maternal Grandmother and how this knowledge is timeless, relevant and needed for our
health and wellness. Ilera loro (Health is Wealth) 
My E-book (Internal Orisa Revisited)
Internal Orisa Revisited (E-Book)

Internal Orisa Revisited encourages us to look within for answers by revisiting the higher indwelling Orisa in all of us. This work revisits traditions and promotes organic living through comprehending subtle information. The book indepth on the indwelling energies and entities toned as Orisa in the Universal human body and how disengagement, misalignment and unbalancement may be healed through the application of herbs online with the arrangements on the Laws of Life.
This book also encourages wellness by focusing on internal personalities and the understanding of multiplicities of entities. It discusses Health, Herbology, History, Mystery, Astrology, Orisa, Intergenerational knowledge, Natural Science, Dark Matter, Light Energy, Wombness, Breastfeeding, Yoruba, Nutrition, Religion, Spiritual Science, Culture, Complementary Art and Science and other profound subjects that will stimulate thought and may assist in making decisions pertaining to life.





Ancestral Essence



My name is Edison Agbandje, I have been communication with my Ancestors for over 20 years. I have been teaching people how to connect to their ancestor for many  years and have  been writing posts on the Ancestral Essence face book page based on internal conversations with my people. 


On the day of the event, we shall be selling our protection and cleansing oil, some very powerful house clearing  incense imported from the Caribbean, sage incense and some large cowries used to communicate with your ancestors via very simple divination system. 



I look forward to meeting you on the day, until then may your ancestors guide you and bring peace as well as  prosperity into your lives. Thank you for reading about Ancestral Essence.   





Auntie Jean’s ‘Sunday’ Afrikan Culture Market 17th January 2016

Afrika Culture Market Flyer (front) New 2015Afrika Culture Market Flyer (back) new










Click for Options   

T        O       N        Y                  D      A       D        A

 D i s c o v e r A p t I t u d e D e v e l o p & A c c e l e r a t e

The Empowerment coach

Empowering people to live fulfilled lives”



Anthony Abiola Dada (aka Tony Biola)

For over 20 years Tony Biola has been investing in some of society’s most disadvantaged people, both youth and adults, transforming their lives by creating workshops, programmes and courses.

Tony is a creative social entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, award winning author, and former head of a Centre of Excellence department within one of South London’s largest Colleges. His creativity has led him to meetings with the heads of both Apple UK and Loreal as well as the staging of projects which have been supported by The Home Office, the Mayors Office, The British Army, Island records, Yamaha, Channel 4, The Princes Trust and many others.

He is also the mastermind behind projects that provided the springboard for music acts such as Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS and many others.

This all took place during a period spanning more than 2 decades, which Tony now refers to as “My great Experiment”. “The Grow Personal Success (GPS) system” has been distilled from lessons learnt from his spiritual mentor of more than 30 years whilst experimenting and refining into a practical programme.

Tony is also known as the most sought after empowerment coach in the black and Urban communities.

He is the author of the book “The GPS System” 7 Universal Principles for Growing Personal Success and creator of the empowerment programme of the same name.

The GPS Mentoring & Coaching program helps you define what your vision of success is and why. Supported by the 5 pillars which underpins your life, Tony will explain how these help an individual identify their natural talents, abilities and unique gifts, then stimulates alignment, which quickly and powerfully produces a new mind-set geared towards successful outcomes and clarity of purpose.

This creates an inspired momentum towards success, health, wealth and happiness without it feeling like hard work.



Urban Voice UK – A Not for profit organisation

Tony set up Urban Voice UK (UVUK) in February 2003 after working single handed for 10 years with the youth in and around his council estate, whilst also a single parent consciously raising two empowered children. Tony’s belief was (and still is) that there are far too many young people who are not tapping into their full potential simply because no one has shown them how. Young people just want to be successful just like the rest of us. However, through lack of understanding many have distorted images of what success is and this impacts their choices and pursuits. APCTC Awards Finalist Logo 1

He identified how to use music and more generally creativity as a powerful tool in helping young people to tap into their passion, using this passion to sow a seed and Grow Personal Success through a 3 staged process.

  1. Use passion to explore and identify talents, gifts and abilities.

  2. Introduce discipline and focus to cultivate develop and nurture the talent(s)

  3. Project the talent as a unique gift to the world.

Together Tony and UVUK the not for profit organisation have invested over 1.5 Million in delivering training programmes to young adults. It has also expanded its remit to supporting young people and adults to live fulfilled lives through its sister commercial company R-World Ents Ltd which offers courses, workshops, books and other products as a way of generating its own finances some of which are also used to support UVUK- We simply “fast-track aspiring Talent” of any description, supporting them as they Grow Personal Success (GPS). If you would like to support the work of UVUK by making a financial donation please log on at

Within the creative industries UVUK now has students as part of its alumni who have gone on to achieve widespread success such as artists JLS, Alexandra Burke and comedian Richard Blackwood. Others like Leona Lewis and Tinie Tempah have gone on to achieve international success, these are just a few. Students who have achieved academically include; ex-prisoners who have gone on to obtain Bachelor degrees. One student attained Leadership of the UK Youth Parliament, a scholarship at Harvard University and then went back to Africa to become a member of the Zimbabwe government. He became an official advisor on youth policy. Another who was a drug dealer turned his life around to trade in international commodities; his first shipment was importing100 tones of rice. His daughter secured a major recording deal in Nigeria has taken up residency there for the last 3 years and was recently invited to perform for the President of Nigeria at his state palace in Abuja as she represents and illustrates the talent from the diaspora that the presidents wants to attract back to Nigeria . These are just some of the stories. There are many more who have gone on to pursue higher education, employment and self-employment as a result of engaging in a programme, course or workshop at UVUK.

For more info on how to connect with Tony Biola or to find out more about the GPS Mentoring/coaching programme please go to join the GPS Members Club FREE and download the first chapter of the book as our gift to you.  View More:

Please click on the links below to see examples and evidence of just some of the positive outcomes from Tony’s work.

1 Project Talent Trailer (Preparing JLS for X-Factor)

2.From UK to Recording star, Entrepreneur and business owner in Nigeria

3.The Allure of the American dream – Tony’s own son travels to the US whilst barely a teenager, completes a 4 year degree in 30 months and now plans to offer this as a service to UK students wishing to study in the US at a fraction of the cost of obtaining a UK Degree.

4 Youth Get Real dinner discussions after the UK Riots, funded by The Home office

D i s c o v e r A p t I t u d e D e v e l o p & A c c e l e r a t e

The Empowerment coach

“Helping you identify YOUR, natural talents, abilities and unique gifts and then bringing you into alignment for extraordinary success” Tony Biolae-flyer 2015 flyer2




Jo Dash


Screenshot_2015-07-07-19-59-36 aboriginal health

I will be discussing the biochemical affects of food within the body and I will be also observing the cultural importance of food and its nature.  we will look at different groups of food and place their current status on trial in order to achieve clarification as to whether it is good or bad for the melanin man and woman.
My name is Jo Dash and I was born in Sierra Leone but raised in East London and I specialize in a cultural science and melanin biochemistry.  I've been studying the black paradigm for the past 10 years covering genetics, biochemistry and Pan-African studies concequently going on to teach my people the cultural science of Melanin. I have always believed in the principal of self reparation, which is without a doubt is very important to the psycho-spiritual evolution movement within the community so we may undo the damage of post traumatic slavary syndrom.
Both my parents are qualified mental health nurses and growing up I was always attracted to the human mind and it's different factors that created this reality.  This was the beginning of a life long study of the black experience from a scientific level both of the mind, body and spirit.
Mob-07921 822 225



Bro Ekong

Brother Ekong

eat to live blk logo



I will be speaking about how to cure your self of any disease in the world.

But I will speak predominantly about curing anemia’s, diabetes and cancer.



My background begins as a young man age 15 who knew he was a servant of The Most High. 

Fast forward to age 20, I began searching for a way to rid my self of dis-ease caused by the consumption of blood and starch. After graduating from university as a Graphics Designer at age 25, the search for healing became full time. They say, seek and you shall find, which is true. I found a man named Dr Sebi and I never looked back.


I was so inspired I put down the idea of a good money graphics design office job, so I could use my Graphics skills to enlighten the world with Dr Sebi’s teachings. After studying him for 2 years I finally met him in September 2015. It was an honour to learn from him face to face and not just from lecture videos. He is the only man on the planet who has gone to court and proven that he could cure every disease in the world by using our Mother, Nature. So I don’t care if people do not believe him, and by default, me as well. If anyone on the planet benefits from what I share, then that is my reward.

 However, the path that I’m on is a lonely road. And I came to realize that evil is protected when it is denied. So our ignorance gives evil power over us. 

Nonetheless, I have decided to dedicate my life to waking up my people even if I must die trying.




Contact number: 07939 101 451


You can email me from the ‘contact us page’ on the website below:



Maya Matanah   Maya M LoveGift

Maya Matanah is the owner of the LoveGift Restaurant Flyer for LoveGift Maya Matanah will be doing a live Veg/Vegan Workshop



Sunday 20th December 2015 Is the ACM’s 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY !!!

Auntie Jean's  "Sunday"  Afrikan  Culture  Market  Showcase Platform


Afrika Culture Market Flyer (front) New 2015Afrika Culture Market Flyer (back) new









492 Korna Klub

492 Korna Klub cast members will perform improvised scenes for audiences at 

Auntie Jean's African Culture Market event on 20th December 2015.

The performance(s) will be highly provocational and interactive. We will invite members of the audience to join us on stage to take the role of a character in a difficult situation or dilemma in order to find the solutions to the social problem and make a positive change in the storyline(s). The other performers will improvise the reactions of their characters facing this new intervention. The aim of the performances is about exploring possible solutions to problematic situations presented in order to achieve a more positive outcome, as well as identifying the challenges around empowerment and social cohesion.

The duration of the improvised scene(s) will be determined by audience interaction, we aim to work for an hour during the event which includes consulting the audience gathered for themes, issues or topics so that we can focus our performances on.


Audiences will have the opportunity to:
· Observe the performances
· Hotseat the characters (ask questions)
· Become an active participant with your views and opinions
· Actively solve the problems in the performances presented to you
· Witness a series of improvisations performed by the cast in which the impact of the audiences’ decisions is explored. This might have knock-on effects leading to other improvised scenes.

492 korna Klub radio 492 Korna Klub is the UK’s first Improvised Company performing their weekly forum theatre radio drama series live on air! For further information go to:
07956 877358


Griot Chinyere

                                                                                    Griot Chinyere



 Griot Chinyere Nwaubani; A carrier of stories, a weaver of tales, a bringer of messages.
Griot: a member of a class of travelling storytelller, poets and musicians who maintain a tradition of oral hisotry in West Africa.

Chinyere: A gift from the divine creator

Nwaubani: A child of treasured earth

 Award winning Griot Chinyere Artistic Director of Shanti-Chi, storytelling and expedition company, and one of Britain’s finest storyteller's, challenged herself to walk a 100 miles along the South Down Way from Eastbourne to Winchester, walking alone for 9 days in the English countryside, to raise funds for the Nne Agwu Afrakan storytelling festival 2015. Yes Griot Chinyere, loves walking, however this was a major challenge, spending all day and night outside with Mother Nature and the ancestors carrying everything on her back. For Griot Chinyere it was a big deal. Come and listen to this amazing story of one woman’s adventure where she faced fears of isolation, darkness, vulnerability and the voices of ancestors.

Griot Chinyere is a british born African storyteller ascending from the Igbo people of West Africa. At age 10 when on holiday with her mummy in her village of origin Chinyere had her first taste of storytelling. Their journey was coming to an end and the family were curious to know how young Chinyere viewed her first trip to her ancestral home. The whole village gathered around a fire at dusk and Chinyere began. Many of the audience didn't speak English and Chinyere did not speak her mother tongue. Through her actions, tones and facial expressions the story was told. There was laughter, nods of innderstanding and plenty of participation from Chinyere's first audience. That was the beginning: without struggle Chinyere had communicated eloquently, without feeling hindered by her lack of Igbo language; storytelling had given her that power.


Over the past 30 years Griot Chinyere spent 10 years travelling to and around Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Travelling in some unique adventurous styles; motorhome truck, wild camping, hitchiking and staying with welcoming, good spirited people along the way. Chinyere always kept storytelling at the centre, using it to communicate, entertain and negotiate her way throuhg life.


After living 4 years as a nomad in the South of France, in the summer of 1994, Griot Chinyere moved back to London and gave birth to her 1st child. She went on to study B'eng in aeronautical engeneering at City University London, and that's another story. After her 2nd child was born in 2002, she went on to further earn a Masters in Script Writing at Goldsmiths College, London University, complimenting her now developed storytelling knowledge and skills. 


Griot Chinyere has spent the last 10 years also developing her storytelling performance skills and designing storytelling, theatre and performance courses that speak to and engage the diasporian and the wider society. These courses have been delivered in an array of institutional and outdoor settings. The one aim of all her courses is to implement vast arrays of creative expressions to empower vunerable members of society, outcasts and those at risk.


As time goes on more and more people from different walks of life want to feel the Griot Chinyere effect; toddlers, adults, teachers, prisoners, council workers, corporate business women & men and the list goes on. The Griot Way, a storytelling training, is now in its 3rd successful year. Griot Chinyere uses storytelling as a empowerment tool for leadership and healing. Griot Chinyere will continue to spread the magic of storytelling, making the world that little bit more beautiful in her own way. See performance page orcurriculum vitae page.



Queen Irena

                                                               Queen Irena

Author of

LOVE IS A SPIDER’S WEB              Queen Irena

ISBN 1904697003



 For Promoting Positive Mental Health       THROUGH WRITTEN AND SPOKEN WORDS

                                                 LOVE IS A SPIDER’S WEB -


Captured within emails sent to a Queen, this book is a personal account of the impact made from the thoughts and emotions faced by Queen Irena during the eight months leading up to her fortieth birthday. This Queen is a mother of seven children two of whom are Autistic. Having split from her abusive husband, Queen Irena became open to release the emotions within her soul. Weather it is of passion, lust, desire, want or need; she had become liberated through her strongest expressions and offerings of love and passion to those in her life and in her love.

Driven by the spiritual relationship with her Most Highest power Jah Rastafari (God), Queen Irena has been able to tap into the I AM within her, taken flight and unlocked her box of sacred emotions within her soul. This is most certainly the royal wealth that we all share weather we know it or not, because the I AM within yourself is the true royal you. I. (God)

Love is a spider’s web has mystical powers. Through poetry, erotic dreams, reasoning’s and prayers, she is able to guide you towards total pleasure in the love that you have to offer through your royal status. She believes that the paths of the web led her to the centre where true love is held and protected by the Most High spider (God). Sometimes becoming a fly trapped within the web, she struggles to make sacrifices in order to break free unlike those that remain stuck forever.

Through her transitions, Queen Irena finds her way to true love. Her way will make you fly (If you are ready to reach your ultimate heights) No, there are no riddles that lead to the over standing of this story, you merely need to tap into your royal status and you will find your true reality. Every reaction to the actions displayed to this Queen have been carefully broken down and have become instrumental in her transitions and continue to aid her in the many aspects of her full life.

Love is a spiders’ web is a truly touching and beautiful display of companionship, friendship, honour, respect, responsibility, pain, forgiveness and desire and most certainly love. You will truly recognise your wealth as a result of your reading it. ã2015 Queen Irena






Yesika picture

Yesika Zevulana is a Performing Recording artiste, Singer/Songwriter Producer, Poet Actor, Dancer and Herbal Pratictioner (Master Herbalist) Phytotheraphy S.A.C
Yesika Zevulana is a unique package a unique sound, she sits at the cutting edge of creative operatic roots reggae soul healer, her mantra Health is Wealth in Mind Body and Soul Herbs and Music.
She is inspired to write about universal love positive force ideally soul music, music for the soul, Expressions of human experiences, Peace, Justice Tolerance.
Born september 5th 1964 in the village of Windsor Castle Evulana continues to inspire people wherever she performs weather its doing workshops:stress release through song and spoken word community work preparing herbal potions or performing on a big stage.
Yesika Zevulana is at home doing what she does best Entertaining. A True Entertainer.
Yesika Zevulana started performing at a very early age as she remembers clearly at the age of five sitting on her father's knee,s singing the song I am so happy, she went on to win many singing competitions in school and church and travelled around Jamaica performing with her sisters. She started performing Professionally in 1982 after leaving Titchfield high school her first gig was at the Port Antonio Marina Ball which was well received then went on to entertain tourist at the Fern Hill Hotel the rest is history she performed at all major hotels around the island doing cabaret shows lead singer in a resident band (Acid) at private parties for Prime Ministers Politicians and Diplomats Hotels Sandals chain, Couples Club Caribbean, Franklin D Resort, Hedonism and Boscobel Beach just to name a few.
She TOURED CANADA AMERICA AND ENGLAND as a open act and harmony vocals for Danavon and Foundation Island Records recording artiste she performed at the Copa in young Street Toronto Canada where she was featured on the television evening news and Good paper reviews. peppers Seafood Florida U.S.A
England Birmingham London The Drum Arts centre London festivals Black women in the Arts Black female voices, Hackney Empire Ocean, Catford Broadway Theatre Hill rise entertainment centre alongside Luciano Mikey General Junior Reid Everton Blender Manchester Northwest Band on the wall Jazz Boulevard Stockport town hall Stockport College Royal Northern College of music Irish institute with Jah Mission Vibes Band at the Small world Festival.
She has performed at several Reggae Festivals including Bob Marley birthday bash Nine Mile St Ann Jamaica ( 1999-2000) Rebel Salute Manchester Jamaica Everton Blender birthday bash Clarendon Jamaica Junior Reid birthday bash Kingston and Montego Bay Sugar Minott birthday bash tribute to Garnet and Dennis Brown State funeral JAAFA choir Jamaica association of female artiste alongside sisters Marcia Griffiths J. C lodge Pam Hall Nadine Sutherland  yesika zevulana media tulu 001
Appearance on cvm at Sunrise Television Jamaica live studio interview and performance Irie fm radio Ocho Rios with Elise Kely cutting edge with Mutabaruka music news with Andrea Williams /Ron Muschette Roots fm Radio Kingston Jamaica, BBC counties Radio Luton live studio interview and performance with Jah Mission Vibes Band Kush Genesis show appeared in an America movie "going to extreme" danced in Junior Reid's video Rasta world dance worked in the recording studios with handle Tucker Sly Dunbar Robbie Shakespeare who provided the musical background for her seven track cd available on her Zebulion Sounds recording label
Music Reggae Soul it heal lifts you up it it transpires organic energy love to all man Wombman Mankind Human.




   Davis J Williams   

Davis with both his books  Davis J Williams                             

 Teaches Children To Play  Chess / Once
Stopped A Stabbing And Risked His Life / Acted As A Consultant To Address Gang Related Issues For The Government / Has The Ability To Be In Several Places At Once / Hand-Delivered Food, Toys and Medical Supplies To  Villages In Gambia / Worked In Prisons Across The UK Inspiring Others / Cycled 60 Miles Raising Money For Sickle Cell / Helped 100’s Of Students Get Into College And University / Helped Raise Money And Build A Playground For Victims Of A Tsunami / Helped Countless Of Young People Exit Local ‘Gangs’ / Survived A Shooting By Dodging The Bullets / Found Homes For The Homeless / Helped Secure Thousands Of Pounds For A Local Inner City Charity / Loves Cooking and Eating Raw Food / Once Saved A Cat From A Tree / Is A Active Father / Runs Numerous Businesses / Is A Motivational Speaker / Juggles 4 Jobs At The Same Time And Still Got Time To Watch Arsenal Play / Wrote An Amazing Book Teaching Others To Be Frigging Amazing.

Davis, Andrew Muhammad Davis +youthDavis with bookMe with Davis bookContact details:                                                                          07939 396 465

Email:   LOVE LOGO in pink
Davis No Enemy book 









Yaa Asantewa

Slide1 Slide1 Slide2

Yaa will be Promoting the introduction of the Guyanese Comfa Event Monday 28th December 2015

Link below gives more information details Guyanese Comfa Drum Wok Ritual

blog post on ancestors Link







Sunday 15th November 2015

Brother Leader Mbandaka

BLM @ Mosiah

ARM Logo copy
People Empowered for Self-Determination!’
Taking Responsibility, Effecting Solutions!’
c/o 282 High Rd, Leyton, E10 5PW/Tel: 020 8539 2154 or 07908 814 152
 Re: Revitalising the iNAPP Vision – NATION BUILDING
You may be one of the many people who have been asking:
What’s happening with iNAPP? or
When is the next iNAPP meeting?
Well, you will be pleased to receive this invitation to the next iNAPP, General People’s Assembly (GPA), scheduled:
When? Saturday, 28th November, 2015;
Time? 4:30pm-9:30pm;
Where? Clapham Methodist Church Hall, Nelsons Row, London SW4 7JR.
As you know, iNAPP has been going through a transition since a huge setback in February. This has indeed been very challenging, for the Interim National Organising Committee (INOC) and Council of Elders, in holding things together. That said, we wish to thank you all for keeping faith with us and in iNAPP’s vision of NATION BUILDING.
This GPA will mark a crucial step in the recovery and forward planning of iNAPP; under the inspirational theme captioned above. Most importantly, the GPA will be an opportunity for you to assume an important role in the reconstruction and development of our parliament.    
I will be writing to you further, with more information on this event. But for now, please note the date, time and venue and help to spread the word throughout the community.

Unite, Organise Now or Perish!

Rise You Mighty People






Charlie Phillips: Photographer

Charlie Phillips

Long before he started earning a living as a photographer Charlie Phillips had ambitions of becoming a naval architect, then an opera singer. Such dreams became lost in the very journey of migration that he later sought to document with his camera, having arrived in Britain from Jamaica in 1956 as a boy of 11.

His collection of images of Notting Hill in the 1960s and ‘70s   have now become prized for the way they recorded a unique moment in British history, capturing a time and a place that was in transition as he framed his shots.

He also worked for a number of years in Italy as a paparazzi, supplying the likes of   Il Messagaro, Italian Vogue, Stern and Life. In England, though, his work went largely unnoticed and it would be more than 30 years before he secured his first exhibition here, something that continues to be a source of great frustration.
“The arts establishment in this country is very corrupt and elitist,” he declares.  “When I tried to sell or exhibit my work they’d tell me ‘it’s not the type of thing we’re looking for’. They weren’t even interested in my Jimi Hendrix pictures.”

We meet in Spitalfields Market where he is taking part in a photo fair. As people gather around his stall, it is clear they are almost intrigued by Charlie himself as they are by his striking black and white images.

Wearing a black trilby over an unruly white mop of hair, this is a man who loves to shoot the breeze, joshing with customers so that they leave with lighter pockets but with a smile on their face.

The story of how he got into photography owes a lot to serendipity, when black American GIs frequented Notting Hill while he was still a schoolboy. “They would come to the area to party and one of them pawned a Kodak camera to my father,” he recalls.

“They also used to leave copies of the Saturday Evening Post lying around and in one of them I saw a photograph by Normal Rockwell called The Runaway. I thought it was amazing and wanted to do something similar.”

He went out on the streets with the camera and began taking photos of friends. “I bought a photographic development kit with money I earned from a paper round and began charging people three pence a print.Charlie Phillips, 'Flat to Let', ca .1959. Museum no. E.259-2011. © Charlie Phillips/ Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Notting Hill at the time, though lively and cosmopolitan, was a massive slum convulsed by the 1958 race riots. Charlie, living with his parents in one room in a boarding house where 16 people shared a single bathroom, longed to run away like the boy in Rockwell’s picture.

But he did not see photography as an escape route. “I had always been fascinated by ships and I was hoping for an apprenticeship in one of the big shipyards like Harland  & Woolf. However, I was told instead to apply for a job with London Transport. ”

Charlie also possessed a fine singing voice and his music teacher at school wanted to take it further. “But my parents turned down the offer of extra lessons as they saw singing as a waste of time.”

After a spell in the Merchant Navy, he returned to Notting Hill with his camera. “I was never commissioned to take any photos – I just wanted to document our story in our time, taking pictures of the area I grew up in and of characters I mostly knew.”

The result is a series of images notable for their gritty informality. As a whole, they record a community’s changing identity, from ‘Man in Zoot Suit’ who has just arrived in England, to children playing on demolition sites and drinkers in the ‘Piss House Pub’ having a laugh.

Silchester Road, one of the many demolition sites in Notting Hill in the late '60s

Charlie travelled round Europe, taking in the 1968 student riots in France before settling in Rome. Here he found an agent and began to make a living as a celebrity snapper. “One day you’d see Peter O’Toole, another Gina Lola Brigida and Omar Sharif. I really loved ‘la dolce vita’, and consider Italy to be my artistic home,” says Charlie who, still in love with opera, frequently appeared as an extra at  La Scala in Milan.

Despite his success abroad, when returned to Britain, he couldn’t get published. “I was so demoralised. I put my camera away and just stuffed my photographs in boxes under my bed.”

Charlie opened up a restaurant in south London in 1988, which he ran for 11 years, devoting his spare time to building up his shipping memorabilia collection. Then out of the blue in 2003 the Museum of London asked to stage an exhibition of his photography. It proved so successful he has featured in two more major shows there since.

With his work currently being showcased as part of London Street Photography exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York, Charlie feels that he has finally won partial recognition. But he seldom takes photos these days and instead can often be seen giving entertaining talks about his photography and life as a rebel with a cause. “I survived through my camera and learned to appreciate life through it as well, but I am out of the rat race now,” he says philosophically. “It is up to the younger generation to continue telling our stories.”

Published: 25 October, 2012, Camden New Journal,

B/W images © Charlie Phillips/Akehurst Creative Management


Sean FreckletonSean Freckleton



Sean Freckleton  from Affinity Legacy Planning LLP

Learn about Trusts & other wealth preservation strategies.

We have amassed huge amount of wealth as a community. I meet all types of people in my line of work and I can tell you first hand that we are by far one of the wealthiest communities in this country...if you are serious about improving our economic strength as a community, we must first recognise exactly how wealthy we already are as a community and take the necessary steps to protect it, before it's too late" ........Sean Freckleton  



Sister Kesheni

Spiritual Healer   Kesheni Sankofa PrintKesheni Love 01 (1)

The Subject Sister Kesheni will be talking about is Unfettering...


Are you Still Chained to the Enslavers Religion?

It's the 21st Century - Time to Take Back your Spiritual Sovereignty!

Black Consciousness is Not Enough!"



Auntie Jean's  Sunday ...Afrikan Culture Market... 25th October 2015

This is the Additional date  for Afrikan History Month

Afrika Culture Market Flyer (front) New 2015

Afrika Culture Market Flyer (back) new (1)


                           ...Three Moor Kings...                                                                                                                                                                                PICTURE ZEE BACK 150924 (1) 




                      ...BROTHER  LEADER  MBANDAKA...

BLM @ Mosiah




Tendai MWARI (be Thankful Unto The Creator)




Brother Leader Mbandaka is the Spiritual Leader of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement, a Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist Liberation Movement. In addition to being a community activist and organiser of 30 years standing, he is a proud father of four and grandfather of one.  All of Brother Mbandaka’s work is Afrikan-centred, specializing in Religion and Spirituality, Education and schooling, Afrikan/Black history and culture, Afrikan family dynamics, and Rites of Passage.  As part of his spiritual work he revives and conducts Afrikan modes of worship and life cycle blessings (e.g. naming, passing over, marriage, initiation, etc.).

As an activist, Bro. Leader has made valuable contribution to numerous community campaigns. In March 2011 he was instrumental in envisioning the 30th anniversary commemoration of the National Black People’s Day of Action and the accompanying programme to establish the National Afrikan People’s Parliament, of which he is Co-Chair.


Bro. Ldr Mbandaka is the author of  MOSIAH Daily Affirmations and Education: An Afrikan-Centered Approach to Excellence (with accompanying DVD recorded at the London Schools and the Black Child Conference).

On July 20th 2014, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the organization by Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Bro. Ldr. Mbandaka was appointed UNIA-ACL Ambassador to the UK By the current (10th) President General, The Honourable Baba Senghor Jawarra Baye Heru.

Through the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement Bro. Leader has dedicated himself to the resurrection of the Afrikan way of life (“Return to The Way!”), through the building of Afrikan Institutions like Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap, The Alkebu-Lan Academy of Excellence,TheWhirlwind Newspaper and Alkebu-Lan Blessings through which he revives and conducts Afrikan modes of worship and life cycle blessings (e.g. naming, passing over, marriage, initiation, etc.  



The Whirlwind is the UKs’ number one Pan-Afrikan newspaper published by the

Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement.

AlkebuLan Kwanzaa copy

Info: 020 8539 2154 | 07908 814 152 |  www.ALKEBULAN.ORG

@ Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap
282 High Road Leyton E10 5PW

Nearest Tube: Leyton (Central Line) 3 mins walk – Buses 69, 158, 97, 58, w15



                                                                    ...RASPECT  FYAHBINGI... 



Kingsley Raspect Fyabinghi

Black Fist Black power logo 3





                                                              ...VASCO STEVENSON...


Vasco Stevenson

Vasco Stevenson. Topic       

                                                                              ...Herero Genocide...  

Herero - Near old German mission cemetery in Okahandja - Otjozondjupa Region - 1900

The Herero or Ovaherero - were nomadic herdsman who at the time of European contact, lived in Namibia and Botswana. They comprised several subgroups, which include the Himba, Ovatjimba, Mbanderu or Ovambanderu and the Kwandu. Related groups living in Angola include the Kuvale, Zemba, Hakawona, Tjavikwa, Tjimba and Himba. The Herero are thought to have migrated into present day Namibia during from the seventeenth century. At some point they came into contact and conflict with another pastoral people known as Nama - Hottentot or Khoi Khoi.During the “Scramble for Africa”, Brittan showed a lack of interest in the predominantly desert area of South  West Africa. It was declared a German protectorate in 1884 and named German South West Africa (Deutsch-Südwestafrika). German settlers were encouraged to settle on Herero land which caused a great deal of discontent. From the 1890's - the colonial government gradually deprived the Herero and Nama of their nomadic freedoms and livelihood. A plague known as the Rinderpest decimated Herero and Nama cattle throughout the late 1890's. German encroachment on the pastoral way of life together with hunger, prompted the Herero uprising in 1904. It was led by Herero Supreme Chief Samual Maharero.


General Lothar von Trotha - A.P.O.S.

With the use of 1625 modern rifles, 14 machine guns and 30 artillery pieces, General Lothar von Trotha slaughtered the Herero at the battle of Waterberg. In the months that followed, survivors were pushed into the Omaheke desert to die of thirst and starvation. Once beyond the last waterholes, he placed guard posts hundreds of kilometers in length to ensure no Herero would return. Water wells were systematically poisoned. Once in place, he did something unprecedented in European history. He put to paper theVernichtungsbefehl or extermination order. It said;  I, the great general of the German troops, send this letter to the Herero people... All Herero's must leave this land... Any Herero found within the German borders, with or without a gun, with or without cattle, will be shot. I shall no longer receive any women or children. I will drive them back to their people or have them fired upon. This is my decision for the Herero people. 

Herero who survived their escape through the arid desert of Omaheke